City Security Management System (KGYS-MOBESE) which was developed by HAVELSAN to counter crime efficiently has come into the service in the tourism’s capital, ANTALYA.

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

HAVELSAN, “Informatics and Systems House of Turkey” designs and produces Management Information Systems, Homeland Security Systems, City Security Systems, Simulation and Training Systems, Command and Control Systems and Mission Critical Defense Systems.The aim of this City Security System is to be come to more peaceful and safe for the city with fixing 120 active, totally 384 cameras in the different points of city. The vehicles which make red light violation have been determined by special cameras in the crossings and plates of these vehicles have been forwarded to the center by these devices.
Within the context of City Security System (CSS), Plate Reading System (PRS) has been fixed into the different points of city, city entrances and exits will be under the control with this system. 70% of the images have been forwarded by fiber optical cables and 30% of them have been forwarded by a wireless system named wimax to the center.
In the smart building which has been constructed in Antalya Bank of Province crossing, Turkey’s most modern call center has been created. In this center, all the units required emergency state like ambulance, fire brigade, gendarmerie, forest and coast guard have been collected in the same number, 112. Main Monitoring Center of City Security System has been developed in this building. Moreover, 17 Collateral Monitoring Center take place in this system.
IP telephone calls can be made on the developed main base and searching with a laptop computer in the vehicles can be done by wireless large area network. Furthermore, police cars pursuits can be done on the digital map in the center by using GPS and GPRS Systems. Thanks to this, police forces can arrive to incident location as soon as possible.HAVELSAN, which is having operations in international markets, provides that the systems come into the serviceffectively in a short time period by applying hisngineering knowledge in military field and his designs developed in international standards to the civil public demands.