ANTONOV Presents its Advanced Programs in Turkey

Issue 81

ANTONOV Company, the world-known designer of transport, regional passenger and special-purpose aircraft, presents several advanced programs, including two modifications of AN-178 freighter, AN-188 STOL military transport and an unmanned aircraft system project at Eurasia-2018.  

The main feature of the 16t capacity AN-178-100 medium ramp transport airplane is the ability to carry a wide range of existing packaged freight (containerized and/or palletized).  The 18t capacity AN-178T military transport variant will be able to perform logistic support of troops, parachute drops of small troop divisions or cargoes on platforms, carrying wounded persons, light vehicles and necessary equipment. In addition, the AN-178T will have such important characteristics as reliability, autonomous operation and combat vitality. This new cargo aircraft will be able to use a wide net of runways including those with artificial pavement and unpaved airfields as well as alpine aerodromes.  

AN-188 advanced wide body STOL military transport will be able to deliver almost all types of military cargoes weighting up to 47t to short unpaved airfields, to carry a wide spectrum of self-propelled and non-self-propelled, engineering vehicles, helicopters, personnel, wounded and sick persons, to perform aerial delivery of personnel and cargoes.     

ANTONOV Company started development of an unmanned aircraft system intended to perform intelligence tasks and to attack ground targets. This system is being designed to take into account the most modern requirements of UAS for such a system type. The new system will perform tasks using special-purpose equipment and different weapons. 

ANTONOV intends to develop all the mentioned programs under wide international cooperation. The Company is interested in participation of enterprises of the Republic of Turkey in these advanced projects.