ARAT Turbojet Engine Contract Signed

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

November 5, 2021 - ARAT turbojet engine to be developed by Kale Arge and used in cruise missiles was signed. Speaking at the signing ceremony for the ARAT turbojet engine, President of Defense Industries İsmail DEMİR underlined that Turkey has to proceed determinedly in the path of becoming a global power and added: "This has been a tough process. We paid prices in terms of costs and time. Perhaps we would have paid less if we opted for off-the-shelf (direct) procurement again. Turkey previously enjoyed this comfort for many years and maybe observed the ease of this mentality in the operational sense. We have to start this journey if we wish to be a global power, defend our national interests despite all the pressure put on us, resist against all the sanctions and restrictions that are intended to be imposed on us." 

DEMİR stressed that they expect rapid work from Kale Arge in the ARAT Project. Noting that speed is of the essence and that they do not have a single day to lose in such circumstances, DEMİR stated that every institution has to do their best to contribute to this project’s success.