ARES Shipyard Launches the First Boat of the Oman Coast Guard Command

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

Within the scope of the project initiated for the Oman Coast Guard Command to prevent arms and drug smuggling and illegal migration activities in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman and to protect critical coastal facilities, Oman will procure 14 ARES 85 Hercules fast patrol boats from ARES Shipyard. In the first military ship export contract for Oman, worth US$ 100 million, the first of the boats is planned to be launched in September 2019 and delivered the following month in October.

According to the contract signed last year, 14 26-meter ARES 85 HERCULES Fast Patrol Boats will be produced for the Oman Coast Guard Command. The boats that operate with water jet propulsion system can reach speeds over 50 knots and are equipped with a remote controlled 12.7 mm automatic weapon system. In addition to these features, the boats are equipped with military radar, electro optics and night vision systems. On the other hand, there is a high-speed RHIB boat on its deck for boarding missions as well as for search and rescue tasks.