ARES Shipyard Navigates Global Logistics with High Level of Preparedness

In this interview Utku ALANÇ, General Manager of ARES Shipyard discusses factors in ship-building projects that have been impacted by the pandemic, especially in military project where confidentiality and information security are strictly required. How will key negotiations be conducted in a virtual environment now that face-to-face in person meetings are not a current option? The company remains at a level of preparedness that can tolerate logistic setbacks in main equipment up to nearly six months. ARES Shipyard moves forward with ongoing projects with expert management of supply chain planning and a high level of preparedness. ARES Shipyard’s serial production model in the Patrol Boat Project is set to be a first in the world in terms of volume and methodology, with first deliveries expected in the second quarter of this year .

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

Defence Turkey: The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the defense and aviation sectors as well as our daily lives. Shall we begin our interview with your brief comments on the measures that ARES Shipyard has implemented in respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, what type of changes have been adopted, how has it impacted your business operations?  

Utku ALANÇ: Before the World Health Organization officially declared the outbreak as a pandemic, the issue was brought up by our executive board in February 2020 as soon as the virus emerged in China and started to breakout across the world. Within this scope, we started to plan a series of measures in our company before it was seen in our country. These planned measures are being implemented presently.