ARES Shipyard Offers Tailor Made Manufacturing

By Kerim Kalafatoğlu, Co-Owner and General Manager of Ares Shipyard

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

ARES Shipyard was established in Antalya Free Trade Zone in 2006. Our shipyard that used to manufacture service boats in the past, has become an expert in the patrol boats. Within this framework, the ARES 44 CPB fast assault and patrol boat was successfully manufactured according to these purposes and delivered to various Port Authorities, Maritime Police, Anti-Smuggling Department in Turkey and to Coast Guard Command of Georgia, Border Patrol of Turkmenistan and a private gas company in Tanzania. Concerning the domestic defence industry and within the scope of the tender made by the European Union Central Finance and Contracts Unit in 2012, our shipyard built and delivered ten ARES 42 Hector type 13m aluminum coast guard boats to Turkish Coast Guard Command in December 2013. During this period, our shipyard made two more important contracts and manufactured and delivered six ARES 58FPB 18m composite fast patrol boats to Coast Guard Command of the Kingdom of Bahrain while building 2 aluminum 30m patrol boats  in order to be delivered to the Nigerian Customs Enforcement Directorate within the scope of these contracts. Our shipyard built the same coast guard boats delivered to our Coast Guard Command for the Coast Guard Command of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) and accomplished the delivery within such a short period of six months. KKTC Coast Guard Boats were delivered as of April 2015. As a result of active marketing and business development efforts conducted in the Middle East and Gulf Countries, our shipyard won the tender for 17 patrol boats required by the Qatari Coast Guard Command in April 2014. This task we assumed, as a result of a challenging period of more than five years in which giant producers in international scale competed, is considered as the order with the greatest volume in the world in advanced technology composite patrol boat category. As far as we know, this is the greatest military maritime export connection of our country through a single contract. These five 24m, ten 34 m and two 47m long boats will be manufactured with cutting edge technology and with the vacuum infusion method and will be unique when their hardware and capabilities are considered. We launched the production of the 24m and 34m boats, the comprehensive model tests of which were completed. Delivery of minimum three boats is planned by the end of 2016. Our shipyard, collaborating with the leading design and supplier brands of the world, won the new type 2 SAT Boats tender initiated by our Undersecretariat for Defence Industries in 2014 in order to be delivered to our Naval Forces Command with the help of the design and advanced technology solutions it developed. The negotiations on the scope of the contract are ongoing.  

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