Arlan Armored Vehicle Loaded into TurAF A400M

Issue 82 - June 2018

An Airbus A400M new generation transport aircraft (tail number 15-0051) belonging to the Turkish Air Force (TurAF) has successfully demonstrated the loading of an Arlan multirole wheeled armored vehicle for the first time during an exercise performed at KADEX in Kazakhstan. 

The A400M unique cargo design allows it to carry up to two Arlan vehicles, with a combat weight of 16 tons each and a height of 3.4meters.

The Arlan vehicle is already in operation in the Kazakhstan Armed Forces. The A400M can transport heavy and outsize loads that are too large or heavy for other tactical aircraft. It is capable of loading wheeled or tracked armored vehicles, helicopters, construction and humanitarian vehicles such as cranes, excavators or motor graders. The A400M can transport up to 37t of payload in a nonstop flight covering 1.780 nm (3.300 km). The picture shows the loading of the Arlan into the TuRAF A400M.