ARMELSAN Aims to End the Foreign Dependence of the Turkish Navy in Underwater Acoustic Systems

Founded with a small team in 2012 with the aim of "ending the foreign dependency of the Turkish Navy in underwater acoustic systems" and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, ARMELSAN organized a press breakfast in Ankara on June 1, 2022, to provide first-hand information about their current projects in the field of underwater acoustic systems, their leading products, how they want to spend the next 10 years, and their vision for the future.

Date: Issue 115 - August 2022

Chairman of the Board of ARMELSAN Yetkin KARAKAŞ, Director of Project Management Erkan HELVACILAR, and Head of Corporate Communications & International Business Development Erdem TÜMDAĞ also attended the press conference where ARMELSAN President Can Emre BAKIM made a comprehensive presentation on how they have progressed in their journey so far, what products they have brought to our country and how they will proceed in the coming period.

ARMELSAN President Can Emre BAKIM, who defined ARMELSAN as a "young and dynamic company established in 2012", summarized the primary purpose of the company as "We are a team of engineers specialized in underwater acoustic technology and together with our solution partners, we want to end the foreign dependency of our Naval Forces in underwater acoustic systems." Explaining that they first developed sonar systems in line with this goal, but after the developments in both remote-controlled devices and autonomous systems in the world in the last 3 years, they started working on remote-controlled underwater vehicles and then underwater autonomous systems. Can Emre BAKIM said that ARMELSAN employs 45 personnel (primarily engineers) and has premises in Ankara (in Hacettepe Technopark) and Istanbul (a new R&D Center with an indoor area of 2,500m2 is being established at Teknopark Istanbul, its official opening is scheduled for September). Stating that ARMELSAN's turnover, which has seen 10-fold growth in 10 years, will continue to grow by increasing in the coming years, BAKIM emphasized that the company allocates approximately 30% of its turnover to R&D every year.