ARTI, the Defense Industry’s Notable Partner in Military Electronic Design and Production

Date: Issue 81 - April 2018 Update: April 24, 2018

ARTI Endüstriyel Elektronik was founded in 1995 in Ankara and is known for its custom designs developed for defense and industrial electronic systems. It makes electronic and mechanic designs, performs prototype and mass production and provides maintenance and support services in various fields such as power electronics converter design, power distribution, land and railway electronic signaling, embedded software, IoT, process control and sensor conditioning. It is also a customer oriented company performing its activities from the product idea stage to the production and assembly stage. ARTI, with its staff having domain expertise, is a leading company with a wide range of customers throughout Turkey and has been providing quality design, production, technical support, repair and maintenance solutions for electronic systems.

Producing devices designed for military land, air and marine applications in accordance with customer needs, ARTI presents prototype and mass production of such devices to customers together with all of their production and design documentation. All devices produced or designed by ARTI, from military-type ethernet switches to high-power-density converters, are verified via tests that are adapted to the military standards required by the integrated unit and are used in challenging conditions required by military applications.