ASELSAN’s Second Sale To Uruguay

ASELSAN is to produce 9600 Series Radio

Issue 7 - January 2008

ASELSAN was awarded the contract of the Uruguay Armed Forces on 17 October 2006 concerning communications systems of up-to-date technology.
ASELSAN, following the signing of contract in October 2006, has completed the delivery of 9600 Series Frequency-Hopping Radios and Intercom Systems to the Uruguay Armed Forces. 9651 Software-Based Radios PRC-9651 Software-Based Hand Radio was sold to Uruguay for the first time. This Radio is capable of providing 6
different radio operation types (waveform)
in different frequency bands on a single radio. In this way, non-interrupted communication with several units using different types of radios
can be carried out. PRC-9651 is a product of approximately 1.5 million line software on a hardware infrastructure comprising around 1 billion transistors and working at 300 million/s.
9600 Frequency-Hopping Radio The first lot of 9600 Series Frequency- Hopping Radios was delivered to the Uruguay Army in 2006. Differently from conventional radios operating at
a fixed frequency, these radios cannot be caught by the enemy and block any electronic war elements against them thanks to the feature allowing change of radio frequency all time.
6680 Digital Intercom System Differently from analogue intercom systems, 6680 Digital Intercom
System provides features allowing communication on two lines between system units and ontrolling 6/4 internal 1 external and 1 remote user and up to 6 radios thanks to its digital
switching and ISDN infrastructure. An Important Reference in the Region ASELSAN’s success in Uruguay shows once more the level the Company
reaches in defence electronic, as well as provides an important reference for other countries of the region.