ASELSAN added South Korea in the list of export countries

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Issue 8 - January 2008

Within the scope of the agreement signed on 7th November 2007, devices and systems developed by ASELSAN will be integrated into the aircrafts
produced by KAI. Inertial Navigation System of ASELSAN is an advanced flight control system
installed in aircrafts. By continuously calculating the location of the aircraft within the world, speed, altitude during the flight ;system, which is used in various military aircrafts, provides required data about air navigation for the aircraft computer and
other devices . In Aerial Platform, Multi-functional Indicators compose the basis of
numerical cockpit configuration. Multi-functional Indicators are capable of generating and displaying all of the critical flight indicators due to a number of features supporting numerical and analog interfaces.
ASELSAN Air- Land Radios have HaveQuick I and II frequency lowering features that enable the sound and efficient air-land communication in
tactical zone without being affected from threats such as deception and interference. 4300 Air- Land Radios are composed of different configurations in accordance with the operation
requirements. ASELSAN will produce Friend-or- Foe
Identification Systems for KAI.. IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) systems that are known as Friend-or-Foe identification-
recognition systems are used efficiently in military and civilian area nowadays. By means of these systems, it seems possible that friendly forces identify each other and they are prevented
from attacking one another. In Civil Aviation; IFF Systems are used under the control and automation of air traffic. Intense Marketing Activities in Overseas Due to its evident technological infrastructure and knowledge; ASELSAN is intensively continuing overseas marketing/ export activities that will contribute
to the use of its production capability and development of the national economy. By means of its structure that is open to working models
such as technology transfer, cooperation
and co-production with local firms; ASELSAN uses its experience obtained in international platform in a way to directly contribute to the
national economy by acting as a main contractor in defence projects. With the signed contract; it has been confirmed that in international defence market ASELSAN, which is one of the
100 greatest defence companies in the world, put across its capabilities related to avionics systems. ASELSAN products are appreciated as the clearest indicator of raise in ASELSAN’s
work potential in the near future in terms of increasing Market share and customer satisfaction due to its performance in every environmental condition and modular structure that provides integration to different platforms
and with the advantage of being preferable in air, sea and land platforms due to its quality standards.