Aselsan Aims Initial Public Offering in 2014

Aselsan General Manager Cengiz Ergeneman gave important informa

Issue 49 - January 2014

Cengiz Ergeneman, General Manager of Aselsan, met with members of the press for breakfast following the opening of the KAE plant at the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.  Cengiz Ergeneman gave important information regarding the agenda. Mentioning that Aselsan is preparing to invest on a 400 decare land in Temelli, Ankara, Ergeneman said: “With the capabilities we will have gained in the future from the on-going implementation of Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence Systems, we will  be testing and manufacturing them at this site.” 

Ergeneman: “We plan to increase our capital. We will undertake an initial public offering in 2014.”