Aselsan and TAI Record Steady Growth in the Top Defence 100 List

Date: Issue 63 - September 2015

Aselsan and TAI once again managed to enter the “Defence News Top 100” list that is accepted as World’s most prestigious defence industry list and published each year according to the defence sales of the previous year by the US based weekly Defence News magazine. Both companies sustained their steady growth this year. While Aselsan took the 62nd rank in the list in which it occupied the 67th row last year, TAI stepped up 5 rows and ascended to the 78th row.

Climbing five rows in the list, Aselsan’s total revenue in 2014 increased to $1,142 billion while its defence industry turnover increased to $1,109 billion with an increase of 10.7%. Compared with the last year’s figures, Taking the data of the previous year into consideration, Aselsan’s total revenue of year 2013 was $1,030 billion and its defence turnover went up to $1,001 billion with an increase of 16.1 %.