Aselsan Featured Underwater Torpedo Counter Measure Systems in Qatar

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Aselsan attended DIMDEX 2014 Doha International Maritime and Defence Exhibition that took place between 25-27 March in Doha, Qatar and exhibited its signal systems, naval combat systems and underwater and surface counter measure systems to the participants during the fair. 

On the second day of the fair, Aselsan’s Director of Naval Systems Suat Bengür presented statements to Defence Turkey magazine regarding Zargana and Zoka systems existing in the inventory of Turkish Naval Forces Command in order to meet the Command’s underwater and surface counter measure solution requirements.  Bengür pointed out that Aselsan attached great importance to underwater acoustics lately and said “Torpedoes are the greatest threat to submarines; we developed jammers and decoys for protecting the submarines from torpedoes and delivered these to the Turkish Naval Forces. We named the ones to be exported abroad “Zargana” and entitled the jammers and decoys within the Zargana as “Zoka”. These are passive systems and they do not shoot the torpedo but they overpower the torpedo and clear it away”.