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ASELSAN Gears Up for DSEI 2023: Striving for Sustainable Service

ASELSAN is once again participating in DSEI 2023, which will be held in London on September 12-15, 2023. The company will showcase unique defense solutions and highlight new additional capabilities to existing well-known systems. By defining sustainable service as the core of its business, the company aims to contribute to the safety its clients.

Date: September 11, 2023 Update: February 28, 2024

In that spirit, ASELSAN maintains a significant presence at the show by highlighting an array of newly developed technologies, together with its innovative systems already in use in various countries, to fulfill the essential requirements of its clients in the field of defence and security. The display of ASELSAN at DSEI includes a wide range of systems, including air defence, communication, security systems, electronic warfare, and electro-optics solutions.

Gearing up for the show, ASELSAN is excited to exhibit its innovative solutions for air defence systems, especially GÖKKUBBE (Ground-Based Air Defence System), which will be debuted for the first time abroad. Being aware of increasing air threats, ASELSAN has expanded its portfolio in this domain. In order to fulfill its client's requirements, the company designed and developed GÖKKUBBE to counter existing air threats, including RAM (Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar), while also future-proofing against emerging challenges.

Beyond the array of several Remote-Controlled Weapon Stations, ASELSAN has also expanded its portfolio in this activity area to serve better tactical needs of the battlefield and protect critical infrastructures. ASELSAN also to debut the newest member of its Remote-Controlled Weapon Station: SARP Next Gen at DSEI. With its cutting-edge technology, SARP Next Gen promises to continue to be the game changer of the battelfield.

ASELSAN aims to produce sustainable solutions with critical capabilities that ensure every decision-making moment is safer, faster, and more secure. With its client-centric approach, ASELSAN's solutions are being successfully used by 84 different countries today, and with its adopted "local to business" consciousness, the company enhances its presence all over the world day by day.