ASELSAN Homeland Security Solutions

ASELSAN Approach to Homeland Security Living in a secure environment requires effective use of technology for securing the homeland to cope with modern threat like the hostile situations, espionage and sabotage attempts of terrorists.

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

ASELSAN provides the best solutions to protect and secure the homeland with state of the art products and systems which are designed to fulfill the requirements of the countries in today’s dynamic, rapidly changing threat situation. ASELSAN stands deeply committed to securing and strengthening the homeland and working hard to secure borders, support the first responders, protect critical infrastructure and much more with its advanced technologies and expertise in systems integration. The most powerful part of the solutions is their highly mobile nature so that they can be reconfigured to meet the requirements of the each homeland security mission.

The uniquely designed information systems infrastructure used in the ASELSAN Homeland Security Solutions is established on real-time voice and data communication between remote entities in the homeland. With the high end communication backbone used, the entities in the system can either work as a part of the command control system or as stand-alone.

ASELSAN Homeland Security Applications

By the existing experience and knowledge in systems integration and information technology gained by handling with many Homeland Security challenges, ASELSAN has the demonstrated capability to provide critical solutions in:

Border & Coastal Security

Air Defense System

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Traffic Management System

Broadcast Monitoring

Emergency Response and Incident Management

Secure Communication Networking

Information Management

Main Command Control Center Living in a secure environment requires securing the homeland starting from all borders and coastlines. Therefore, border and coastal security is the key for securing the homeland.

ASELSAN Border Security System

ASELSAN Border Security System integrates a wide range of equipment into a complete and consistent border security solution. ASELSAN Border Security System offers border supervisors instant activity information from the border area. Alarms and video images from the surveyed areas are immediately displayed at the operator consoles. Continuous updates of intruder’s location, speed and course can be indicated on the digital maps on the operator terminals enhancing the probability of successful surveillance.

ASELSAN Border Security System units are:

Mobile Surveillance Systems

MARS-V Surveillance Vehicle (Armoured)

MRS-V Surveillance Vehicle (Non-Armoured)

SAHARA Surveillance Vehicle (Non-Armoured)

Stationary Surveillance Systems

Regional Command Control Centers

All system units are interconnected with each other via high speed, secure and redundant communication networks.

In the Border Security System, the front entity of the system can be various, such as Armored Surveillance Vehicles (MARS-V), Civil Surveillance Vehicles, Surveillance Tower etc. These front entities collect and evaluate operations and intelligence data, and track the situation in the area of interest of the level it is deployed. The data that is collected using various communications sub-systems are evaluated by the Command Control Centers in a totally computerized environment using uniquely designed command control software. With interfaces designed for existing systems in the field, the interoperability of the ASELSAN Homeland Security Solutions can be achieved.

ASELSAN has wide experience in Border Security area. The Border Security Systems that ASELSAN has delivered to Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie has been used in Borders of Turkey that have harsh geographical and environmental conditions.

Mobile Surveillance Systems

Mobile Surveillance Systems are the major products of ASELSAN in the field of Mobile Sensor Applications. ASELSAN’s Mobile Surveillance Systems provide enhanced sensor capabilities in a mobile environment, while combined with state of the art information management and dissemination capabilities.

Mobile Surveillance Systems are designed for monitoring of the critical areas (e.g. borders, critical installations), for threat detection and information transmission to the intelligence management centers and/or response forces. The modern structure and the mobility features of the systems enable the user to deploy the system to any area of interest and set up in a short time for the operation.

Vehicles can operate day/night and under harsh environmental conditions. Mission payload fitted in the vehicle is completely computer controlled. Data and video related to the detected threat is transmitted to the command center/information management center using frequency-hopping radio and Microwave Link respectively.

Mobile Surveillance Systems can be improved by additional features according to the specific requirements of the duty to enhance operational capability.

Mobile Surveillance Systems has been integrated on civil and military vehicle platforms, while the basic mission and technology of the vehicles are similar. Some applications of these systems are given below:

a) Modular Armoured Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle (MRS-V)

MARS-V is a complex system solution of ASELSAN including surveillance radar integrated together with electro-optical sensors on an armored vehicle platform. MARS-Vs have been in use for years by Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie.

b) Modular Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle (MRS-V)

MRS-V is the hot end of the intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance product portfolio of ASELSAN, that combines advanced sensor technologies and computer controlled infrastructure into a single platform. MRS-V has been mounted on a Land Rover vehicle.

c) SAHARA Surveillance Vehicle

SAHARA has been developed and manufactured incorporating a surveillance platform engineered with the experience acquired in military applications. The system has been integrated on a 4x4 civilian vehicle for homeland security purposes. SAHARA has been developed for military security or para-military use without armored protection

Stationary Surveillance Systems

ASELSAN Stationary Surveillance System is a Surveillance Tower that handles monitoring of borders, for threat detection and information transmission to the intelligence management centers. The tower is comprised of

Tower Unit that carries the sensor systems (Electro-Optic Sensor, Surveillance Radar, Direction Finder, Automatic Identification System, etc.).

Command Control Centers

Command Control Centers are command & control the security systems which are equipped with state-of-the-art information technology products integrated in a resilient way. Modularly designed Centers can be configured in many ways depending on user requirements.

These centers are basically divided into two main types:

a) Stationary Command Control Centers

ASELSAN Stationary Command Control Centers, being the local or main information management center of Security Systems, is used for receiving threat information from Sensor Units and analyzing and disseminating this information. In addition, Stationary Command Control Centers can receive information from other Command Control Centers and become local, regional or main management centers of Security Systems.

The authorization levels of Stationary Command Control Centers are according to border security organizational hierarchy will be configurable by software. Characteristics of the subsystems included allow ASELSAN Stationary Command Control Centers to provide an optimum solution for management of security activities.

b) Mobile Command Control Centers

ASELSAN Mobile Command Control Center is a shelter-mounted system that is developed to serve as command post and intelligence center.

The intelligence data collected using communication links including VSAT satellite terminal, HF Radio and Microwave link are stored, evaluated and distributed using uniquely designed command-control software, which utilizes database and digital maps. Up to four consoles can be configured to perform specific applications like situation assessment, communications control, communications monitoring, image analysis, etc

Coastal Surveillance System Solution

Protection of coastal areas of homeland is a critical priority. ASELSAN Coastal Surveillance System provides a means for detecting and tracking vessel and illegal maritime activities within the coastal zone to public welfare, swiftly and accurately, 24 hours a day, even in bad weather and low visibility conditions.

ASELSAN Coastal Surveillance System is composed of state of the art products of ASELSAN that combine advanced sensor technologies, computer based command and control systems, and communications infrastructure. Coastal Surveillance System components are deployed according to the user requirements and geographical conditions.

ASELSAN Coastal Surveillance System provides:

Continuous surveillance of coastal areas,

Intruders, smugglers, pirates, out-of-season hunters and illegal immigrants detection.

Protect the environment against incidents that worsen marine pollution and illegal maritime activities

Support to search and rescue operations

Critical decision making support to the different levels of authorities

Direction Finding

Automatic Identification of vessels

The selection of the right solution for each particular application requires specialist expertise to ensure that the detection and tracking capabilities of the system are appropriate for the threats relevant to that case. In addition, integration with other sensors and systems will enable the authorities to generate a detailed situational awareness picture of all maritime activity within their waters.

The building blocks of ASELSAN Coastal Surveillance System are;

Surveillance Unit

Command Control Centers

Products for Homeland Security Applications

According to requirements of Homeland Security Applications, ASELSAN selects the most appropriate products from both its product spectrum and the available products in the market. In the selection process, technical suitability, availability and financial conditions are considered.

ASELSAN’s current products used in the Homeland Security Applications are:

Sensors to directly gather comprehensive information in the field.

Command & Control Products to process information and assess response actions.


The sensor devices are the key elements of Homeland Security Applications. The sensors detect presence and location of the illegal activities.

Basically, the most suitable sensors for Homeland Security Applications are:

• Electro Optical Sensors,

• Surveillance Radar, and

• Direction Finders

which are in ASELSAN’s product spectrum, and are already used in many civil, paramilitary and military applications.

Command & Control Systems

ASELSAN Command and Control Systems are equipped with state-of-the-art information technology configured in a resilient way. The dimensions and layout specifications can be configured according to customer requirements while the systems are modular.

Communication Systems

ASELSAN’s Homeland Security Applications are based on high speed, secure and redundant communication backbone, which links system units with each other.

The data are collected and sent via many alternatives including wireline, fiber-optical, radio terminals, microwave links or satellite connections. The high speed information transferring maximizes the advantage of early awareness and gains the responder units valuable time to get adapted to rapidly changing situations.

Best System Solutions for Customer Requirements

With its experience, ASELSAN has gained the capability to tailor unique Homeland Security System Solutions for the needs of various countries. Each country has existing security products and systems in use. For achieving a complete Homeland Security System utilizing existing and new products and systems, a thorough analysis of the situation and existing infrastructure and tailoring the solutions for client’s needs is required. As a system integrator ASELSAN takes advantage of utilizing state of the art technology and products of ASELSAN, third party products and legacy customer installations and equipment.

ASELSAN handles these tasks blending its experience in security projects with efficient use of technology. ASELSAN carries out the Homeland Security Projects in a detailed and comprehensive process utilizing analysis, design, development, production, testing, quality assurance and project management activities throughout the entire project to reach the best solution for client.

ASELSAN’s Homeland Security Solutions are future promising systems, which use cutting edge technology. ASELSAN technology can strengthen public safety networks, and enhance communities’ first response and emergency management capabilities through planning and training, so that response is efficient and effective. ASELSAN is ready to share its experiences with a customer oriented approach to specify the requirements of the Countries.

ASELSAN carries out the Homeland Security Projects in a detailed and comprehensive process utilizing analysis, design, development, production, testing, quality assurance and project management activities throughout the entire project to reach the best solution for client.