ASELSAN Introduced the "MURAD" F-16 AESA Nose Radar

The MURAD AESA Radar, which is planned to be used in the F-16 (ÖZGÜR Project) and AKINCI UCAV, was introduced at an event held at ASELSAN`s Ankara Gölbaşı campus on November 10, 2022. At the event, the President of the Defense Industry Agency (SSB), Prof. İsmail DEMİR, made the first official presentation of the MURAD AESA radar to the public.

Date: Issue 120 - February 2023

Speaking to members of the press following the event, SSB President İsmail DEMİR stated that they visited ASELSAN to see the results of the ÖZGÜR Project and to share the future roadmap with the project partners." We are talking about a long-term project led by TUSAŞ and ASELSAN, with our players in defense and aerospace participating with all their capabilities."

Noting that November 10th is the anniversary of the death of the Great Leader ATATÜRK, DEMİR continued his speech as follows: "As he pointed out, 'the Future is in the skies,' we say that dominating the skies is vital for our independence and future. In that context, the first step of our F-16 Modernization Project, our liberation project, is the ÖZGÜR Project and its outputs. Our MURAD AESA is a very modern radar. It is a radar development project identical to the most advanced radars currently in the world. We will be talking about an aircraft with fully digitized components in the cockpit and several national products into which Turkish systems can be integrated, and our national weapons can be used."