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Aselsan is displaying for the first time MEROPS Air Surveillance and Targeting Gimbal at the Eurosatory 2022

Date: June 13, 2022

ASELSAN is featuring the specially designed next generation air surveillance and targeting gimbal sight “MEROPS” (Multi-spectral Extended Range Optical Sight) for the first time at the Eurosatory 2022.

With the ever-evolving developments in drones and rotary aircrafts, ASELSAN has designed MEROPS as a game changer for observation and targeting applications on drones and other aircraft types.

“MEROPS’ design philosophy focuses on the real-world requirements of the armed forces under the combat situations. So, users can easily achieve a “Crystal Clear View” with the MEROPS under all possible viewing conditions. ” said Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN – Chairman, President and CEO.

The system can especially perform under smoke and dust. It prioritizes medium and short-wave thermal to support dawn and dusk operations. This features make the MEROPS targeting sight an adverse conditions operational asset with an enhanced performance.

Furthermore, the sight also incorporates the latest in image processing technologies including traditional image enhancement as well as the latest in machine vision and AI based algorithms, as well as mission enhancement capabilities such as moving target identification, isotherms, false color identification and threat identification.

Being a technology and defense company, ASELSAN assigns a great importance to innovative technology, R&D and end user success. In line with this perspective, the company will continue to extend its deep expertise in comprehensive engineering activities to the disposal of its clients.