ASELSAN Radars Spreads Throughout the Country

Turkey’s First Domestic Air Defence Radar Goes Into Mass Production

Issue 20 - January 2010

The Ministry of National Defense has signed a 71 million TL mass production contract with ASELSAN to procure the KALKAN air defense radars.

With features that can compete with other high capability modern radars in the world and developed domestically by ASELSAN, the 100 % domestically produced air defense radar’s development and first production activities were completed in 2007. After undergoing comprehensive radar lab and field tests and receiving certification they were entered into the Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

The KALKAN air defense radar with its phased array antenna, expanded features and signal operated structure and 3-D search, detection and tracking functions for identifying helicopters, airplanes, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), rockets and other air targets it can successfully detect and automatically classify the target and relay the target information to command and control systems.

A project that provides a leap in technology for our country in the field of radar activities, the KALKAN air defense radar has enabled in achieving the necessary knowledge and infrastructure in the national development of all types of range and functions in land, sea and air radars. By utilizing this opportunity and capabilities, ASELSAN continues its activities in domestically developing and producing the radar needs of the war ships, air defense artillery and missile systems, search and tracking systems and border and coastal tracking systems of the Turkish Armed Forces.