Aselsan Receives Additional Orders for SERHAT HTR

Date: Issue 84 - August 2018

According to the company’s statement dated June 29, 2018 for the procurement of the Counter Mortar Radar required by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), a contract with the volume of US$ 40,320,000 was signed between Aselsan and the Ministry of National Defence (MoND). Within the scope of the contract worth TL 30.48 million [nearly US$ 16 million] previously signed with the MoND, Aselsan delivered 15 SERHAT Counter Mortar Radars (CMR) with three-doored Cobra 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle (TTWAV) produced by Otokar to the Land Forces Command (KKK). Upon the demand emerging in the past period, the modification of the SERHAT CMR for its C-RAM (Katyusha Missile capability included) task came up on the agenda and actual firing tests were executed to this end. Moreover, SERHAT CMR was integrated to the KORKUT and AIC for generating data in terms of early warning, with a study carried out by Aselsan.

In accordance with the Almanac 2017 published recently by Aselsan, deliveries as part of the contract signed between Aselsan and the STM Company in June 2017, towards the procurement of SERHAT CMR for fulfilling the demands of the Air Forces Command (HvKK), were accomplished in December 2017. It is assessed that the SERHAT CMRs launched into the service of the HvKK would be utilized in the protection of air surveillance early warning radar facilities at border zones and I-HAWK battalions against potential mortar fires. 

Successfully performing its tasks in the operation field, primarily in the South Eastern border, SERHAT CMR was deployed at El Bab towards the end of 2016, as part of the operations executed in Syria. Around 30-40 SERHAT CMRs are expected to be launched into the service of the TAF as part of the new contract. 

SERHAT Counter Mortar Radar, the first national weapon locating radar system with patented advanced radar techniques, can detect and accurately calculate point of impact and origin of enemy mortars fired behind hills or mountains in all extreme environmental conditions. 

The L-Band SERHAT CMR with a phase arrayed cylindrical fixed antenna capable of executing 360° target acquisition was placed over a mast over a Cobra Vehicle. First SERHAT CMR delivered to the KKK in October 2014 is capable of operating 7/24 with the help of the generator transported at the exterior parts of the vehicle. Through the system where the calibration requirements are abolished with the help of the interior INS/ GPS System, the coordinates of the points where over five mortar shells simultaneously fired and fell within a range of 6 km could be identified precisely under all types of weather conditions and moreover the points where they will be dropped could be calculated with high accuracy. Later, Katyusha missile detection and tracking capability was gained to the SERHAT CMR. In addition to the SERHAT CMR, Aselsan signed a contract with the MoND in the previous years on the new generation Weapon Locating Radar (WLR). As part of the contract worth US$ 176,850 million signed between the MoND and Aselsan on 16 December 2016, the delivery of 9 WLRs with AESA antenna technology and 100 km target acquisition range will be accomplished by Aselsan to the KKK. Aselsan WLR systems will replace the COBRA WLR in the inventory with a range of 40 km.

Aselsan WLR detects enemy mortars, artilleries, and rocket launchers from long distances; accurately calculates point of impact and origin using state of the art technology. AESA [Active Electronic Scanning Antenna] and DBF [Digital Beam Forming] architecture of Aselsan WLR supports electronic scan and terrain following features. WLR can generate early warning messages for the friendly troops located in the vicinity of the calculated impact point by detecting long range enemy artilleries and rocket launchers in advance; hence reduces the number of casualties.