Aselsan & RMK Marine: Cooperation on the Naval Platform

In the scope of the project, the desig

Date: Issue 6 - June 2007

In the scope of the project, the design/production/procurement of the electronic and weapon systems of 4 search & rescue ships, their integration on the ships, tests and integrated logistic support will be realized by ASELSAN.

Coast Guard Command Search & Rescue Ship Program, as the local systems such as Electro-Optic Search and Tracking System, Gyro Compass System, Fire Control Automation and Command Control System will be used in a ship built in a private shipyards, it has the property of being the first application in our country’s military ships. Choosing the electronic and weapon systems, that will be procured from the other companies in the scope of the project locally at the maximum extent, ASELSAN expedites the supporting of the systems logisticly and by considering the maximum contribution rate for the development of the national defence industry in the procurement of the systems, ASELSAN takes an significant step in order to minimize the dependence of Turkish Armed Forces to the foreign countries.