Aselsan’s New Generation Thermal Cameras

75% of the Project funded by the European Union New Generation Thermal Cameras produced within the scope of “Integrated Border Management Action Plan Phase 2 Project” were delivered at a ceremony.  

Issue 49 - January 2014

Interior Minister Muammer Güler, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mr. Egemen Bağış, National Defence Minister Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, Chief of Staff of the Land Forces Command Lieutenant General İhsan Uyar, Chief of Staff of the Gendarmerie General Command Osman Eker, Commander of Logistics Gendarmerie General Command Major General Ata Kalkan, Coast Guard Commander Rear Admiral Adnan Özbal, Deputy Director General of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Mr. Fikri Gönültaş, Head of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit Mr. Muhsin Altun, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey Mr. Bela Szombati and many military and civilian directors of high level attended the ceremony held at Aselsan’s Akyurt facilities. 

Firstly, Aselsan’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Necmettin Baykul went up to the rostrum and stated that Aselsan won the international tender opened in 2011 by the Undersecretariat for Treasury for the “Integrated Border Management Action Plan Phase 2 Project – Blue and Green Border Surveillance Equipment in Pilot and Prototype Locations in Turkey” with the price and quality-wise optimum proposal.