Aselsan’s Revenue Growth Increased by 42% in 2017

Aselsan ranked first with a 42.3% increase in 2017 turnover based on Turkish Lira according to the Deloitte 2018 Global Aerospace and Defence Industry Financial Performance Study

Date: Issue 87 - December 2018

The average turnover increase for the top 100 global companies on the list was 2.7%. Aselsan, the only Turkish company ranked 63rd in terms of turnover on this distinguished list of companies.

Aselsan Remains at the Top of the List in All Criteria

Aselsan took place among the 100 aerospace and defence industry companies in the world according to various criteria:

Top ranked with a 42.3% increase in its turnover  

Top ranked also with 42.3% increase in its revenue per employee (Average revenue growth per employee among the 100 companies was 2.4%)

Ranked 4th with a 12.7% return on assets (Average return on assets of the 100 companies was 5.2%) 

Ranked 5th with a 22.2% operating margin (Average operating margin of the 100 companies was 10.8%) 

Ranked 8th with US$65.145 operating earnings per employee (Average operating earnings per employee of the 100 companies was US$38.543)

Global Defence Expenditure Increasing

The study was based on the data of 100 companies with a turnover of over US$500 million. Performance calculations were conducted on 19 financial metrics such as operating earnings, operating margin, return on assets, free cash flow, book-to-bill (BTB) ratio, balance orders, increase in orders and employee productivity. 

The Aerospace and Defence Industry revenues of the 100 companies within the scope of the study increased by 2.7% by US$ 18.3 billion and reached US$ 685.6 billion in 2017. The revenues of the top 20 companies accounted for 73.6%of the overall Aerospace and Defence industry (US$ 504.6 billion). Defence Industry revenues in the world increased by 3.9% and reached US$ 361.5 billion.