Aselsan’s Submarine Intercept Sonar System ASIST Installed On-Board Three Ay Class Submarines

Date: Issue 84 - August 2018

Aselsan continues to add new products to its product portfolio. Domestic and National Sonar Systems have started to be used in Ay Class Submarines.

Aselsan, increasing its success in the field of Underwater Systems with each passing day, has successfully completed the acceptance tests of the Aselsan Intercept Sonar System (ASIST) that it developed in accordance with the military standards to meet the needs of the Naval Forces. The systems have started to be used in the Ay Class submarines.

The system, which was developed entirely by local means from the acoustic sensor directory to the in-vessel units, had the title of the “First National Submarine Sonar System”.

The Submarine Intercept Sonar System developed by Aselsan, which is designed according to military requirements, has capability to detect, track and analyze active acoustic signals within 1 kHz - 100 kHz frequency range.

Submarine Intercept Sonar System consists of Intercept Sonar Acoustic Sensor Array, Processing Unit, Control and Display Unit, DC/DC Converter and SUR Interface Adaptation Units (SAUB). Acoustic Sensor Array includes pre-amplifiers, analog-digital converters (ADC) and hydrophone arrays which convert acoustic signals to electrical signal. 

Submarine Intercept Sonar can be used as stand-alone system or can be integrated to  Combat Management System. 

System simultaneously detects, analyzes and provides parameters of at least 4 pulses which are separable in frequency domain. The following parameters of detected pulses are displayed:

Detection time

Relative and true bearings 

Pulse frequency

Pulse amplitude 

Pulse duration

Pulse repetition interval (PRI)

Pulse mode

Submarine Intercept Sonar System displays the following graphics of detected pulses in real time: 

Polar Diagram 

Spectrogram Plot

Waterfall Plot