ASELSAN Shared Test Images of the AKKOR Active Protection System for the First Time

Date: Issue 122 - May 2023

Test images of the AKKOR Active Protection System (APS), developed by ASELSAN, were shared for the first time. The AKKOR System, which neutralizes threats in less than one second after threat detection, consists of four main components: a radar that detects and tracks ATGMs or rockets, a central computer that controls the entire system, two countermeasure launchers (each armed with two munitions), and interceptor munitions incorporating a high-accuracy radar. During the development of the AKKOR System, over a thousand firing tests were conducted, allowing the system to reach a high level of performance. One of the most distinctive features of the ALTAY Tank is the AKKOR Active Protection System, which significantly enhances its survivability. Moreover, AKKOR does not compromise the tank's mobility thanks to its low weight.