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ASELSAN Showcases the SARP Next Gen Remote-Controlled Weapon Station at DSEI for the First Time

Türkiye`s defence industry giant ASELSAN continues to improve its SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform family with its extensive technological expertise and know-how. ASELSAN has introduced the innovative and game-changing SARP Next Generation (SARP Next Gen) at DSEI for the first time.

Date: September 14, 2023

SARP Next Gen is the upgraded version of ASELSAN’s most acclaimed SARP Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), maintaining its high hit probability, target tracking performance, and shoot-on-the-move capability against stationary and moving targets.

The system combines high-precision reconnaissance capabilities with excellent firepower to serve the tactical needs of the battlefield and protect critical infrastructures. The compact design of the system proves SARP Next Gen a perfect match for integration onto tactical vehicles, fixed surveillance posts, and towers. Depending on the operational requirements, it can be armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher, or 7.62 mm machine gun as its main weapon, as well as a 7.62 mm machine gun as its coaxial weapon. Thanks to its extensive surveillance and remote control capabilities, SARP Next Gen enhances situational awareness of the gunner in his proximity while drastically increasing survivability.

SARP Next Gen is fully equipped with innovative hardware and mechanical systems enabling the turret to have a low silhouette & lightweight, and it uses a hybrid ammunition box with an advanced user interface. Smoke grenades and a gunshot detection system can also be integrated into the SARP Next Gen, providing efficient use of the vehicle’s top.

Another significant improvement brought by SARP Next Gen is the concept of a hybrid ammunition box. SARP Next Gen can be reloaded under armor through the hybrid ammunition box. The box offers higher capacity than standard ammunition boxes thanks to its under-armor reload capability; thus, SARP Next Gen enables the operator to carry more than 1250 additional 7.62mm rounds in the vehicle.

Designed specifically for land platforms, SARP Next Gen features a flexible and upgradable architecture with a low silhouette & lightweight, being more effective against asymmetric threats.