Aselsan Strengthens its Position Among Global Players

By Cem Akalın-Editor

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Aselsan Radar and Electronic Warfare Center one of the most important investments of Turkey and which was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and started its activity officially on the date March 2015 hosted the defence industry press reporters among which Defence Turkey magazine was also present on the month of April. While various information on the programs executed, the investments, export activities, and the targets of Aselsan were communicated to the members of the press during the first part of the press conference hosted by the General Manager of Aselsan, Dr.Faik Eken, the products that will be showcasing in IDEF 2015 and the companies product portfolio were introduced during the second part of the press tour. 

During the first session of the press conference, while Aselsan General Manager Dr.Faik Eken gave information on the growth trend of Aselsan during the period between the years 1997-2014 said that Aselsan is in a continuous growth trend for almost 11-12 years since 2003, and that they have increased their sales domestic and abroad considerably. Dr.Eken said, “We can see that the export share has increased during the last years to the extent that may be felt. The export ratio in the total sales has increased to above 20%’s. During the previous years, the export figures in the 10%’s levels has exceeded 20%’s in the last 3 years but we still do not see it as adequate, we need to increase these figures further up. We want to carry this ratio from the 20%’s level to 30%’s level within the next five years. We have a crucial effort in this topic as well”.