Aselsan: Turkish Defence Giant in Global top 100 list

Aselsan is the leading multi-product electronics company of Turkey that designs, develops and manufactures modern electronic systems

Date: Issue 17 - June 2009

1-First of all could you please enlighten us regarding the capabilities and technological superiorities of ASELSAN, which has swiftly going forward since its foundation and has undersigned many innovation and successes both in national and international platforms?

Our National Defense Industry infrastructure has improved a lot mostly in quality aspects compared to 30 years ago. It has changed to a sector which can adopt and use international standards; and can certify both its management and production systems and its products according to these standards. I would like to mention about pioneer role of ASELSAN in this subject. ASELSAN has based upon the execution of international standards in management and its products so far since the foundation and has made effort for the adoption of such concept in defense sector. Concepts such as “Configuration Management” “Qualification - Certification” “Product Standards” a which were unfamiliar to us in 1980s have now included in our literature under the programs in which ASELSAN is included and they are procedures adopted by many firms now including SMEs

ASELSAN offers original products in every field of defense electronics. It offers products developed according to user demands instead of products which were bought from abroad in former periods. Understanding the user and finding quick solutions to the user needs are among the superiorities of ASELSAN.

2-It is seen that ASELSAN has taken significant achievements in 2008. In terms of production, investment, export and international projects, how could you evaluate the improvements in figures in 2008?”

In the last decade, ASELSAN has strongly focused on high technology, invested more on R&D, widen the product spectrum and created synergy while cooperating in major Turkish Defense programs. If the growth path of ASELSAN is explored, it is seen that we have gone through a change from product level to complicated system level and entered into new fields. On top of all, platform integration capabilities became a part of our identity. Today ASELSAN can design, produce and integrate indigenous state-of-the-art technology building blocks in a wide range for modern armies challenging requirements in areas like C4ISR, Defense and Weapon Systems, Avionics, Electro-Optics, Electronic Warfare, Radar, etc. We extended our product spectrum from soldier level to land, air and naval platforms. Our four R&D centers have more than 1000 full time engineers specialized in different expertise.

As ASELSAN offered cost effective and high quality solutions, more than thirty countries started using our products. Including the international joint programs, ASELSAN has made worldwide sales and also increased the export rate day by day. The revenue has been doubled since 2004 and a revenue of half a billion dollars has been reached for the first time in 2008. As a result ASELSAN has been ranked 86th in the Defense News Top 100 List.

Even though the global downturn has affected industry and business atmosphere as a whole, 2008 was another successful year for ASELSAN. In terms of company governance, a new division solely assigned to Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems has come into life as a result of the diversity of projects in this field. Moreover, in order to create and apply sustainable strategies, a strategic planning department has been taken into service last year.
If we have a look at our international achievements, the highlights are;
- Finalization of the system deliveries within the scope of Stinger Weapon Platform Project for The Netherlands Army,
- Sales of Stabilized Weapon Platforms to Pakistan Navy,
- Sales of a note worthy amount of professional radios to U.S.A. for the use of public departments / units,
- Sales of Forward Observation Systems within the scope of EU projects,
- Sales of Personnel Role Radios to Azerbaijan Army,
- Execution of the contract for the design, development and production of Missile Warning System units for A400M aircraft,
- Supply of Thermal Sight Systems to Malaysian Army,
- Sales of Tactical Radios to Pakistan Army,
- Supply of Command Control Test and Training System to Kazakhstan Armed Forces,
It is clear that ASELSAN is becoming a well-known and reliable brand in the international defense market, with the total no. of countries reaching to 35, to which we have realized export of our products.

3- ASELSAN has taken undertaken the responsibility of the integration of avionic and weapon systems under ATAK projects. Could you please inform us in detail about the activities of ASELSAN concerning ATAK project?

Operations regarding the national mission processor and software integration which is developed for ATAK Assault helicopters were resulted after the antitank missile successfully hitting the target following being launched from weapon system under the control of national mission processor integrated on the helicopter in the tests carried out on 26th September 2007 in ?ereflikoçhisar.

Mission processor and software which are fully developed by Turkish engineers can manage the navigation, communications, electronic war, target detection, platform management and weapon management functions on helicopter as a whole and allow command opportunity over digital cockpit for the pilots. With the mentioned launching tests to which Minister of National Defense M. Vecdi Gönül and Supreme Military Staff, an important preliminary stage has been completed regarding the avionic and weapon system integration to be performed by national defense industry under ATAK Project.

ARGE-2004 Project includes the designation of National and Original Mission Processor to be used in Turkish Assault and Tactical Investigation Helicopter and some peripherals. Project, containing the integration by performing the ATAK avionic configuration on AH-1S Cobra Helicopter was carried out by ASMATA consortium with TÜB?TAK-MAM and TAI under pilot partnership of ASELSAN.

Avionic and weapon systems architecture created under the National and Original Mission Processor developed were designed taking into consideration some criteria similar to the structure which is expected to be created in modernization projects aimed all around the world. Using the acquired knowledge and developed hardware and software infrastructure for ATAK Helicopter, our helicopters shall be functioning with the most advanced avionic system among the others.

In the Assault, Tactical and Investigation helicopter (ATAK) project, “AVCI- Helmet Integrated Command System” to be designed by ASELSAN shall be used by the Land Forces Headquarters. The product which is to be introduced as a result of “AVCI” project being carried out for some time by ASELSAN in behalf of SSM shall be installed as 100 units as two for each helicopter out of total 50 helicopters to be manufactured under the ATAK project about which the contract discussions are being made.

AVCI system shall not only allow functions such as night/day traffic, flight management, weapon system launching control for the pilots in ATAK helicopters but shall also allow helicopter internal/external communications, crash and stroke protection. AVCI System shall get its image from helmet integrated image intensifier night vision tubes or from thermal vision system (ASELFLIR-300T) also designed by ASELSAN and shall reflect it to the visor in front of the eyes of the pilot and shall add the information as to the war, traffic and communications systems of the helicopter and present them to the pilot.

AVCI system shall constantly follow the point where the head of the pilot is located with a Head Following Unit and perform sensitive positioning and use such position information as to allow the pilot to direct all the weapon and sensor systems automatically to the target to which the pilot looks. Directing the weapon system shall be carried out by cooperating with the Avionic Central Control Processor which was designed by ASELSAN for ATAK project and manage all the avionic and weapon systems. Thus, our pilots shall be capable of hitting the target followed by looking with a high accuracy.

AVCI system shall promote the war activity of the helicopter with a great extent. The most significant contribution of AVCI to the pilots shall be meeting the need for adequate information and perceiving the targets and threats early.

4-ASELSAN has become an important business partner in the Milgem Project aiming at integrating and supplying indigenous sub systems. Could you please inform us in detail about the progress concerning this project and the capabilities of ASELSAN on Naval Warfare Systems? Could you please inform us about the other capabilities of ASELSAN on Naval systems?

ASELSAN, having the facility and capabilities of which have been proved concerning the technological capability in field of defense electronics and the performance of its products, has put into practice quality and standards as to allow operability in any environmental condition for all its products introduced so far. In addition to this, ASELSAN is now not only a equipment manufacturer but also performs the integration of its products to land, naval and airborne platforms within the armed forces in such a way to offer the expected performance in any circumstances. Now, ASELSAN becomes main system/sub-system developer, provider and system integration subcontractor for the shipyards concerning combat systems (or mission systems) for naval platforms.

Within the proved integration capabilities in the M?LGEM project, ASELSAN functions as a “Pilot” company within the ASELSAN-HAVELSAN team undertaking the responsibility over M?LGEM combat system solution. Works are going on smoothly in accordance with the project schedule.

Following ASELSAN products are being used in M?LGEM Combat System solution;
 76 mm Gun Fire Control System
 Inertial Navigation Systems
 Electro Optical Systems
 Integrated Communication Systems including satellite communication
 Electronic Warfare Systems
 Stabilized Machine Gun Systems
 Laser Warning Systems

ASELSAN also managing the responsibility of procurement and integration of surveillance radar, fire control radar, navigation radar and point defense missile system. Another work have also been initiated to provide national solution together with TÜB?TAK concerning low probability intercept (LPI) radar for the M?LGEM platform, including integration with the navigation radar.

ASELSAN also started a development program in providing national solution for Torpedo Counter Measure system (named as HIZIR) to be used in future M?LGEM and all surface platforms.

ASELSAN Naval Systems Directorates manage cooperation with M?LGEM Project Office teams at the stage of combat system design and the integration of the combat system to the vessel.
ASELSAN is working in such a way as to serve, not only for M?LGEM, serve in several projects like; Coast Guard Search/Rescue Vessel, New Type Of Patrol Boat and new projects of the next period like as New Type Submarine Construction, Submarine Modernization, Submarine Rescue Mother Ship, Rescue and Towing Vessel, vast Amphibious Ships and Turkish Frigate-TF2000.

ASELSAN has already started an investment both on infrastructure and man power in the acoustical technology domain more than four years. Numbers of projects are contracted such as harbor underwater surveillance systems and torpedo counter measure systems for submarines. ASELSAN are working with the universities and research institutes such as TÜB?TAK on the new acoustic domain empowering the national resources to create synergy.

5- What are the systems developed by ASELSAN in field of Homeland security included in international security literature after terrorist attacks increased all over the world? What level are your efforts regarding the matter?

Within the context of Homeland security included in international security literature after terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, ASELSAN implemented the Gendarme Integrated Communication System (JEMUS) which is the maximum application implemented in Turkey. Crypto radio-set communication has an important role in Homeland security which is a new concept and gaining larger grounds in recent years. 4700 series crypto digital radio-set systems which are developed by ASELSAN in accordance with the most advanced APCO 25 standards and put into service of the public security institutions introduce many new and useful applications for the subscribers (radio-set users). Both voice and data communication on the systems, identity inquiry, vehicle pursuit, receiving emergency aid call and etc. applications are carried out in more secure and quick way. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In order to increase the traffic security and productivity in the straits, to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment, electro-optical systems are used under “Vessel Traffic Management and Information System” produced by ASELSAN. Electro-optical systems are used for helping the detailed analysis, depending on the legal procedure after the event, in cases of accidents and/or conflicts and for continuously observing the vessel traffic in the straits day and night, determination of vessel identity, helping the users in uncertain circumstances.

ASELSAN 4700 Digital Radio-sets were designed and produced in compliance with APCO 25 standards which has made obligatory for all public institutions after 11 September attacks in the U.S.A. n 4700 series digital radio-sets having many superior functions compared to the similar types by means of experience and technology of ASELSAN in communications for 30 years have been appreciated not only in Turkey but also in USA market to which we have exported since 2006.

Could you inform us about the technical capabilities and technological solutions of the IZCI which you developed with a purpose of carrying out some tasks such as struggling with terrorism, environmental safety of critical facilities, investigation, observation and intelligence?

?ZC? is a robot platform which can be remote controlled by a control center, reach to target points delivered by the center, transfer the useful load data to the center when reached to the target point, capable of moving by remote control or autonomously by itself. ?ZC? on which useful loads for environment perception, defense and observation are mounted can be operated by a remote control as well as the loads mounted on.

?ZC? which is a product of R&D activities of ASELSAN,
• Capable of felicitous shoots by weapon system to the target which is seen by camera vision and pointed by laser target pointer,
• Capable of carrying out investigation/observation by observation system
• Capable of transferring the information as to the useful loads mounted to the remote control system,
• Can be controlled by remote control by any user on various land conditions,
• Capable of autonomously reaching to the target points detected by remote control system, .
• Having a developable, modular and flexible architecture

IZCI is a solution which has been discovered in the result of ASELSAN R&D efforts exposing an efficient practice in struggling with terrorism efforts which can be called as city war.

There is an optical sensor packet on ?ZC? comprising of tv and thermal cameras in order to make observations day and night and a meteorological sensor as to transfer to center the weather conditions of the territory (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, air pressure and etc.).

6- What are the capabilities of ASELSAN regarding satellites systems?

Regarding Communications Satellites, On-Board Processing EHF (Extremely High Frequency) Satellite Transponder and Tested Development Project has been started in 2008 upon signature of the contract with both TÜB?TAK and SSM. In the scope of this project, first national satellite transponder as a payload and its antenna will be developed and manufactured. This project is also going to serve as a vehicle to transfer the existing know-how of ASELSAN to the space applications. In the near future, ASELSAN also aims to work and take an important role on the development and producing of satellite payloads operating in other bands.

ASELSAN is also nominated as a local company responsible for the provision of Ground Station and also active participation to the development and production of Satellite Communication Subsystem and Electro-optical Payload Subsystem in the GOKTURK Surveillance and Reconnaissance Satellite Program. ASELSAN will deliver the GOKTURK Main and Mobile Ground Stations which will have several functions such as to monitor and control the GÖKTÜRK satellite, to plan and execute the image orders, to receive the optical data and generate the image products. In the scope of GOKTURK Ground Stations, in order to increase the local content, several local subcontractors are also coordinated by ASELSAN and taking responsibility for the provision of some hardware and software subsystems to ASELSAN. Upon the completion of these first steps under the GOKTURK program, ASELSAN will have an important know-how and experience in this area which will let ASELSAN to take more contribution to the future satellite programs.

7- Can you inform us about the current stage of certain projects carried out by ASELSAN?

- Shooting competence tests of the shooting control system developed by us under Leopard 1A1/A1A4 Tanks Improvement Project were completed in October 2005 and the system was qualified. Tanks improved under the mass production still going on in ASELSAN and Land Forces 1st Basic Maintenance Central Headquarters (Arifiye) were delivered to the troops related to the Land Forces Headquarters.

— Helicopter Avionic System Modernization Project (HEL?MOD-II) commences upon the contract signed on 14th December 2005. This project is important since being the continuation of HELIMOD-I Project implemented by ASELSAN between years 2000 and 2004.
Within the context of the project, flight management, indicator management, navigation and communication systems of AS–532 Cougar and UH-1H/AB–205 helicopters shall be modernized by new generation advanced avionic devices produced by ASELSAN, flight and mission planning shall be made autonomous; helicopters shall be made capable of detecting their own position with a high senility in bad weather conditions and there shall be an efficient, uninterrupted and secure communication system by means of new generation digital remote control communication systems.

Detailed design efforts are about to be completed under the project. One helicopter from each type shall be received by ASELSAN; prototype integration of them shall be carried out in ASELSAN and prototype integration works are started on these helicopters.

- The most significant R&D project of our country under the Helicopter Electronic War Self-Protection activities are being carried out by the participation of other domestic defense industry firms which have R&D infrastructure primarily M?KES. In the HEWS project aiming at protecting the helicopters of the Turkish Armed Forces against radar, laser and missile threats, radar warning receiver, radar jammer to be operated around a central mission processor shall be originally developed and they are integrated to helicopters by ASELSAN as well as missile warning system and chaff/flare launching system which is an original product of M?KES. In the helicopter integration works implemented under the MWS-TU Missile Warning System and CMDS/CFD Chaff/Flare Launching System and Munitions out of Helicopter Electronic War Self-Protection System projects, all the engineering works of 12 different air platform are carried out originally by the cooperation between university primarily METU and industry. First of all, two prototype helicopters are arranged from each type with the contribution of 5th Basic Maintenance Centre Headquarters, and then the installation of other helicopters are performed by 5th Basic Maintenance Centre Headquarters.

- ASELSAN performs the modernization of avionic systems of 18 units of RF-4E war and scouting planes by I?IK Project. In accordance with operation requirements of Turkish Air Forces, modernization of RF-4E planes are completely carried out by ASELSAN provided main responsibility of project management is of 1st Air Supply Maintenance Center Headquarters.

Navigation, flight management, communication and electronic war systems of RF-4E planes under I?IK Project are modernized using ASELSAN product new generation advanced avionic devices. This project is the first comprehensive war plane integration project directed to software and hardware using national means. By this modernization carried out Turkish engineer, pilot and technicians, flight and mission planning in RF-4E planes shall be autonomous; planes shall be made capable of detecting their own position with a high sensitivity in bad weather conditions and there shall be an efficient, uninterrupted and secure communication system by means of new generation digital remote control communication systems.

In I?IK Project started in 2005, structural modernization operations were started in 2004 by 1st Air Supply Maintenance Center Headquarters and avionic modernization operations began in 2005. Project shall be completed at the end of 2008.

- ASELFLIR-300T System was originally developed by ASELSAN in such a structure as to easily be integrated to different platforms (plane, helicopter, uninhabited aircrafts, frigates, assault boats and patrol boats) by means of flexibility suggested in its design. Prototype verification and system integration activities of ASELFLIR-300T system 10 units of which were sold under T?HA Purchase Program are intensively carried out.

—TSK X-Band Satellite Communication System is the first Military Satellite Communication Network established in Turkey and proves a secure a fast communication environment to Turkish Armed Forces over TÜRKSAT-2A satellite. System is made up of Main and Reserve System Control Centers performing control and supervision of all the network as well as Vessel, Vehicle, Stable and Mobile Satellite Terminals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

— ASELSAN is continuing its operations as a technology center as to meet the need of Turkey for radar systems as per the resolution of Defense Industry Executive Committee dated 28th January 1991. In this scope, by composing infrastructure and knowledge at first stage necessary for radar, land observation radar over 200 were produced in the country and delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces under ASKARAD project. Furthermore; ASELSAN ASKARAD radars are used for border observation applications in Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. Design and production of LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) class ARS-2000 Observation and Shooting Arrangement Radar which is the first original Turkish radar was carried out in the result of R&D efforts carried out in parallel to this project and this radar was put into practice of Turkish Armed Forces.

In the result of adopted technology and the knowledge acquired, Air Defense Radar development activities were commenced in 2003. In this scope, ASELSAN Air Defense Radar which uses developed radar technologies performs accurate and quick detection and diagnosis of low altitude air targets and which is capable and multi-function radar and this system was submitted to the approval of the Turkish Armed Forces. This radar which was developed in order to be used as the main sensor of the low altitude air defense against various air targets within HER?KKS Early Warning Command Control System can be used as independent or integrated to the command control system. During this effort which is regarded as significant for the continuity of air defense of our country, modern technologies such as all the microwave modules, multi-beam and phase series antenna architecture, antenna structures, stroke compression function, digital stroke generator and digital receiver necessary for the radar as well as all the radar algorithms were originally developed. This radar during the development of which over 100 qualified technical staff are employed are designed in such a way as to allow develop and safely produce various types of radars required for different applications of Turkish Armed Forces.

By the contract signed with TÜB?TAK and SSM (Undersecretariat of Defense Industry) under TÜB?TAK Public Projects Support in 2007, SAR (synthetic aperture radar) Technologies Development activities were started as to be used in Uninhabited Aircrafts platforms.

ASELSAN is determined to carry on its knowledge and abilities in radar systems activity field by developing radars required under new projects on agenda of Turkish Armed Forces. Activities in field of radar are aiming primarily at national needs and carrying on by increasing in order to create export opportunity.

- ASELSAN software based radio-sets developed under TSK Multiband Digital Joint Radio-set Project are used for land, air and sea platforms and thanks to software based architecture it not only allows crypto and voice/data communications of operational units at HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands by using a singles hardware and also it meets the full automatic communication requirement with the subscribers of strategic and tactical communication systems. Software running on Software Based Radio-set Hardware (wave) and many radio-set functions are implemented on a single radio-set.
On the infrastructure of the Software Based Radio-set designed by ASELSAN which is made up of about one billion transistors, software about 1,5 billion lines is running by the power of a processor processing 300 billion operations per second. It stands out with both the communications capacity and being the single radio-set ensuring all the tactical radio-set communication services (push to talk, mobile phone and packet radio) defined in NATO. In addition to being used by TSK for 3 years, it has been approved by Uruguay, Egypt and Indonesia Armed Forces and export agreements are made accordingly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ASELSAN Software Based Radio-sets has competitive advantage before its rivals in international market since it is the only military radio-set satisfying all the tactical radio set communication services defined in NATO in current conditions, and has a notable export potential in parallel to supply planning’s of allied countries.

- TASMUS (Tactical Field Communication System) produced by ASELSAN for the Turkish Armed Forces and still being used was put into service as the communication system of the future satisfying the changing needs of Turkish army in tactical field under any kind of communication condition. TASMUS serves as the main building structure of the Land Forces Headquarters Tactical Field Communication in voice, data and video communication.

With the its developed structure, TASMUS is capable of performing following tasks securely and swiftly;
- Taking the real time image of the tactical field,
- Data sharing by the troops in tactical field,
- Using the fighting efficiency in effectiveness and determination,
- Quick data transfer,
- Transfer of tactical orders and information to the troops at each level,
- Transfer of the target information to the shooting systems in the fastest way,

- JEMUS project the development, production, installation and integration works of which were completed by ASELSAN and which is the biggest radio-set communication system in Turkey was implemented as to meet the requirement of Gendarme Headquarters in field of “Public Security and Emergency Communications”. JEMUS which is used at Gendarme General Headquarters troops and headquarters all around Turkey allows for execution of security and public order services without interruption and faster by ensuring a faster and timely way to the information.

System which was entirely designed and produced by national resources offer following to the users in addition to the standard features,
- Small radio-sets similar to GSM
- Flexible and reliable infrastructure
- Application and system analysis including visual and functional approaches.

8- ASELSAN has taken a role in ALTAY project. Could you please furnish us about the systems developed by ASELSAN and technological competence of these systems within these projects?
In ALTAY Project all of the electronic subsystems that are the critical components of the modern battlefield will be developed by or procured from ASELSAN. In this regard, ASELSAN is going to develop the following indigenous critical subsystems:
Tank Fire Control System & Electrical Gun/Turret Drive System
Tank Command Control Communication and Information System
Tank Driver’s Sight System

In addition to these, the following subsystems will also be developed by ASELSAN if ASELSAN is selected as the procurement source.
Tank Laser Warning Receiver System
Battlefield IFF System

ASELSAN has started developing the Fire Control System that is going to be used for ALTAY Project, with the contract signed between SSM and ASELSAN in 2006. The design phase of this indigenous system has completed, the first prototype system is manufactured and the prototype tests are started.
By use of this “New Generation Fire Control System”, Turkish Main Battle Tank developed under ALTAY Project is going to have high first round hit probability. Different from the classical fire control systems, the main design criteria of this indigenous system is to keep the tank in the battle to the maximum extent. For this reason, developing a non-complex and redundant fire control system is aimed. Fire control system functions that are normally performed by a number of LRU’s are performed by circuit boards in one single electronic unit. In this regard, while the system complexity is reduced, system reliability is increased. The system includes two periscopes, which can take over each other’s fire control functions. In case of a failure of one of two periscope systems (gunner or commander), the main battle tank will be operational in the battlefield with full performance. In addition to this, commander or gunner can use the other’s periscope through his own user interface. Another distinctive feature of this system is that it includes an inertial navigation unit providing the tank self-positioning information and target location data in the tactical battle field. By means of this, the system can fire even without seeing the target.
The Electrical Gun/Turret Drives will be developed according to the platform requirements, based on ASELSAN’ s experience gained from the other projects such as PMS, Stabilized Machine Gun Platforms etc.

The Command Control Communication and Information System that is being provided for the ALTAY Project is going to reflect ASELSAN’ s state of the art technology in the field of command control and communications systems and the experience gained through previously developed systems that are already being used by the Turkish Land Forces Command. Besides meeting the command control and communication requirements of the Turkish Main Battle Tank, the system will be developed to meet the requirements of the units of the Battalion Task Force from battalion down to single platform level. With the integration of the system with the other electronic systems of the tank platform and automatic distribution of information by means of digital communications, the system will provide real time all around situational awareness. The system will support the commander in collaborative planning, fast and precise decision making and will provide an accurate representation of the situation. The system includes the state of the art Software Defined Radio designed by ASELSAN that will be the main tactical communication device for platforms used by Turkish Armed Forces. Command Control Communication and Information System’s modular architecture and enhanced functionalities will enable the system to be used in units of maneuver and various land platforms as well as the Turkish Main Battle Tank being developed under the ALTAY Project.

ASELSAN has been developing un-cooled thermal imagers for years and delivered hundreds of units to the Turkish Armed Forces so far. Based on this experience and the new developments in this area, ASELSAN started developing the Tank Driver’s Sight. Our aim is to use the similar modules so that the maximum logistic commonality will be reached.
If it is approved at the end of the system requirements phase, optional subsystem, “Tank Laser Warning Receiver System” is going to be developed and integrated by ASELSAN. The Laser Warning Receiver System which is being developed for a different project between ASELSAN and SSM, is going to be adapted for the requirements of ALTAY Project. Also if ASELSAN is decided as the procurement source, the Battlefield IFF System is going to be developed to meet all requirements of the tank by using the know-how in similar projects and implementing the special crypto algorithms.

9- ASELSAN brings out its technological superiority in field of air defense systems with an indigenous air defense system, Pedestal Mounted Stinger. What do you think about the technological capability of ASELSAN regarding Air Defense Systems and its position compared to its opponents in the world? Could please inform us about Pedestal Mounted Igla?

Pedestal Mounted Stinger system is a significant milestone for Turkish Defense Industry with regard to developing original weapon system. In addition to KMS Project, other projects we carried out in field of air defense has brought a significant knowledge and infrastructure to ASELSAN in field of air defense. The most important ones among them are Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System (HER?KKS), Air Defense Radar, Stinger Seeker Complete production can be included. Furthermore duties undertaken in SHORAD/VSHORAD and NATO TMD (Theater Missile Defense) Feasibility Projects for the air defense systems of NATO which are possible to be used in 2010 and further have brought a significant accumulation for the air defense projects which are on the agenda nowadays. Today we appreciate that Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System and Air Defense Cannon System in the requirement list of Turkish Armed Forces can be supplied by developing those using completely national resources, which shall be the most cost-effective solution for our country.

PMADS-IGLA turret has been designed to carry 4 to 8 ready to fire IGLA (S) missiles and an electro-optical sensor package which includes day/thermal sights and a laser rangefinder used to ensure that the missiles are not launched until the target is in effective range.
PMADS-IGLA has been developed by ASELSAN in collaboration with the Russian company KBM which is the design authority for the IGLA and IGLA-S missiles in the Russian Federation.
The current version of PMADS-IGLA has been integrated to a Russian BRDM-2 4x4 amphibious vehicle. However, the system can also be integrated to other tracked or wheeled tactical vehicles.
The PMADS-IGLA turret is gyro-stabilized so that targets can be tracked and engaged while the system is moving in a tactical environment. The fully computer controlled Operation Panel of the system can be removed from PMADS to a safe distance up to 50 m in case remote operation is dictated by the tactical situation. The system is able to receive target tracks from an air defense operational center. The system can also be operated autonomously using its on-board sensors.
The PMADS-IGLA was first displayed to public in IDEF-2009, just after the successful completion of the Integration Tests. I believe that PMADS-IGLA has a great export potential and expect to continue our cooperation with KBM in the international market.

10- It is obvious that ASELSAN increases its efficiency more and more on international platforms by performing direct sales to 30 countries such as Holland, USA, Egypt, Pakistan and Uruguay and or by involving in joint production via technology transfer. Can you inform us about your export activities, achievements and targets on international level?

ASELSAN performed the first “weapon system” delivery of Turkish Defense Industry to a foreign country within 2007. In this project having a great significance for being export of a system based on original design, preference of ASELSAN system by Holland which is an important member of NATO shows that ASELSAN has become a reliable firm having competitive capacity on international arena in field of defense industry.

ASELSAN broke a new ground within 2007 by Software Based Radio-set sales to Uruguay, Egypt and Indonesia Armed Forces. Software based radio-sets can be produced only by four firms in the world. New Generation ASELSAN radio-sets sold to Uruguay, Egypt and Indonesia offer different technical features and functions on a single radio-set thanks to its feature performing six different types of radio-set operation (wave form) on a single radio-set.
Proving the efficiency on international defense market by the exportation performed, ASELSAN continued the great leap of Turkish Armed Forces for meeting the need for communications in every field of defense technology. ASELSAN, which has changed its feature to keep a pace with the daily technology acquired by the efforts of long years into the capacity to create original technology nowadays, has clinched that it has a significant position on global market by being included in the first 100 defense companies of the world in 2006.

11 – You performed the first delivery under the project of 18 units of Stinger launching system for the needs of Holland Royal Army. What can you tell us about the feedback after the delivery and at what stage is the project?

Activities are carried out in accordance with the schedule under the Stinger Weapon Platform [SWP] of Holland Royal Land Forces. Missile launching tests of the first system the development and production of which was completed were successfully completed in ?ile Launching Area in June 2007. Following the launching tests, functional approval tests of the system were completed in Holland by Holland Ministry of Defense and the Royal Land Forces and approval was delivered for mass production. Mass production activities were started and the delivery of the systems shall be completed within 2008.
We carry on our activities for pedestal mounted air defense systems with some countries in addition to Holland such as Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Jordan and Bahrain which are known to need for some similar weapon platform.

12- Pursuant to your exports performed to the developed countries such as Holland and USA, that advanced technology of ASELSAN has been approved by those countries implies the competitive capacity of ASELSAN among the leading defense companies of the world. Within this scope, what are your new strategy and targets in your endeavor regarding developed countries? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

ASELSAN performed export activity to 32 countries within scope of activities directed to the markets not only as direct sales but also including technology transfer. We aim to gradually increase the export rate in our total sales by means of knowledge and experience acquired.

13- What are the targets of ASELSAN directed to increase the export capacity in Middle East and the other markets in the vicinity? Is there any new investment ideas or joint production plans by the method of technology transfer in these regions? Is it possible to draw ahead your opponents which have drawn ahead by loan mechanisms granted to these countries by means of investment and joint production programs strategy? What do you think about it?

In addition to having achieved its targets in the efforts initiated with a mission of eliminating the dependency of Turkish Armed Forces on foreign countries in field of electronic communications and equipment, ASELSAN has a position capable of competing in international defense sector. Taking the Middle Eastern and Arabic Gulf countries, Communications, Low Altitude Air Defense Systems, Command-Control (C4I) Systems are the products with which we are included in international competition in the scope of supply program and requirements of the region. The most attention attracting indicator of the technological level that we reached is that ASELSAN products and system solutions are preferred in the world market. In the result of our recent efforts, Middle East and Arabic Gulf countries were included in the countries using ASELSAN products. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In addition to military products/system sales, professional/civil products are also preferred in the said countries.

Each country has different threat and needs in consideration of its location. Furthermore, supply methods also differ in each country as well as culture, legislation and laws. By analyzing such factors, we adopted the country focused effort and strategy determination method with a purpose of increasing our efficiency in international market. We accordingly restructured our unit in charge of foreign marketing/sales.
We are carrying on our efforts so as to determine strategies appropriate to the supply methods of the country, create original ideas in parallel to the needs of the purchaser and to have the purchasing authorities adopted that ASELSAN is a “solution partner”.

We bring up the idea before concerned authorities that there should be similar practices in our country in order to compete to the advantage of loan mechanisms granted by the opponent firm governments. We offer our customers alternatives giving competition advantage to ASELSAN with the same expectation that similar practices will be in our country within the cooperation with friend and allied countries.

Not being limited to ready-made products and method of cooperation (local production and technology transfer) with the firms in the region is one of our practices. We are ready to cooperate with local firms with such models as partnership/purchase; direct investment, technical training/support, counseling models in the concerned country if necessary depending on the project dimension and status. To give an example, ASELSAN – Baku company we founded in Azerbaijan in 1997 with %100 capital of ASELSAN and the works carried on in cooperation with local firms in Pakistan within joint production and technology transfer are the indicators of ASELSAN’s having satisfactory knowledge and experience in the field.

13 – What are your activities about R&D? Can you inform us about your targets and plans?

ASELSAN established ASELSAN Technology Supreme Council (ATÜK) in order to perform the Technology Management in a more effective way by using short-medium and long term technology foresights. ATÜK executes its activities in three basic fields: Technology Inventory, Technology Foresights and Technology Target Plan.

Seven sub-working group are on duty for studying the technologies, following the improvements in Turkey and on the world and for target determining and foresight. Over thirty experts work in these groups most of which have philosophy of doctorate degree. During ATÜK studies, “technology foresights” are made based on such criteria as being National, difficulty in supply, professional labor force and product life in order to determine technologies to be acquired, developed, protected, followed and supplied from sub-contractors; and ASELSAN Technology Target Point is created by taking also the cost, time and obligations into consideration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In determining its priority technology fields, ASELSAN adopted its basic objective as achieving the technology targets in accordance with the directives of General Staff and Ministry of National Defense in particular. Works carried out in cooperation with universities and institutions such as TÜB?TAK and direction of sub-contractor engineering firms are made in accordance with these plans.