Aselsan - Turning Knowledge into Power and Trust

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Aselsan, Turkey’s largest defense electronics company is a national source of pride and a true powerhouse with a capability/product portfolio that comprises communication and information technologies, radar and electronic warfare, electro-optics, avionics, unmanned systems, land, naval and weapon systems, air defense and missile systems, command and control systems, transportation, security, traffic, automation and medical systems.  

Aselsan exports Turkey’s indigenous products and invests in international markets through various cooperation models with local partners and is listed as one of the top 100 defense companies of the world.  Together with their highly-qualified engineering staff, and with more than 5000 employees combined, the company’s commitment to innovation is evident as 6% of the company’s annual income is allocated for self-financed research and development activities.

Aselsan will exhibit approximately 300 state-of-the-art products and systems throughout the exhibition, at the largest stand area at that has ever been set-up at the IDEF fair, surpassing the size of any previously designed paces, spanning an exhibition area of 4161 m² indoor area and 740 m² outdoor area, with a total exhibition area of 4901 m². 

Expect to see the following impressive products from Aselsan at Hall Number 12

Avionics designed for Hürkuş-B Trainer Aircraft, Touchscreen Cockpit for “Özgün” Helicopter, Upgrades for Mi-17 Helicopter, SARPER, Turkey’s first Synthetic Aperture Radar system, Wireless SARP,Electromagnetic Launcher (EML), Long-Range Weapon Locating Radar (WLR),Light Weight Torpedoes (LWT), Anti-Tank Missile Launching System,ASYA (Tactical Mobile Support) and the new Generation Smart Cockpit Solution for TF-X.

The New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution for TF-X and Next Generation Fighter Aircrafts

Within the scope of ongoing avionics programs, Aselsan has designed and manufactured multiple size digital cockpit displays to improve pilots’ operation capability in all kinds of environments by providing precise and eloquent flight data, sensor videos, digital map and tactical symbologies. Display systems are designed to operate with indigenously developed mission computers. By this means, modern digital cockpits featuring Mission and Flight Management capabilities with sensor and weapon management have been developed.

Aselsan reveal “The New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution”, the latest designed Integrated Display System specifically developed for the new generation fighter aircraft. The new display system incorporates both mission computer and the display features in a single unit. As smart display, the system is capable of showing video and data from different sensors and merges with graphics on large area touchscreen display in different configurations to provide situational awareness in all phases of flight.

The “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution” provides ease to pilots with the ability to select mission pages such as primary flight display, cockpit management data and digital map through display or control panel. The system features an Operational Flight Program (OFP) that operates the mission functions and totally compliant to the platform requirements. Besides, the said OFP also controls the complete set of display and mission functions, data management and sub-systems those interface with the smart cockpit. The “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution” provides many advanced features such as three-dimensional audio, synthetic vision and automatic voice recognition.

In this manner, Aselsan latest design “New Generation Smart Cockpit Solution is targeted to be the most requested cockpit display system for advanced airborne platforms and also for the next generation fighter aircrafts including Turkish Indigenous Fighter Aircraft Program.

Aselsan Avionics Designed for the Hürkuş-B  

For the New Generation Basic Trainer Aircraft Hürkuş-B, Central Control Computer (CCC), Graphics Multi-Function Display (GMFD-68), Intercommunication System (ICS-300) and Aselsan Navigation System (ANS-511) have been indigenously developed by Aselsan. In addition to the MXF-484 V/UHF Airborne Radio, MXF-243A Remote Control Unit and AN/APX-123 IFF Transponder that are provided by Aselsan, Digital Map and Operational Flight Program (OFP) are also developed by Aselsan within the scope of the program.

On aircraft, there are two CCCs working redundantly, providing the ability to control avionic systems from single source and reducing pilot’s workload during the flight with its advanced processing capability and interfaces providing platform information to the pilot. CCC, having high performance and storage capability, interface diversity, modular hardware and software design, can be easily integrated into various airborne platforms.

Hürkuş-B Aircraft utilizes six GMFD-68 in total, three on front and three on the back cockpit. GMFD-68 displays information prepared by CCC to pilot. Each GMFD-68 works independently and any page can be reached from any display. GMFD-68 is an advanced display system, with its internal graphics generation and processing capability, eliminating the need for external symbol generation and allowing display of flight, engine, digital map, simulated weapon, simulated radar or a number of other functions. GMFD-68 displays Primary Flight Display (PFD) data obtained directly from equipment on the aircraft.

Aselsan’s Cost Effective Solution for Mi-17 Helicopters

Aselsan has proven its integration ability for air platforms and has become a notable company for modernization of third country platforms, completing helicopter and aircraft modernization projects for approximately 500 aircraft in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. Aselsan is utilizing its capabilities by taking an active role in the cost-effective solutions developed in the modernization of the Mi-series helicopters, up to 10,000 worldwide, especially in the Gulf countries and Turkish Republics. Within this scope one Mi-17 helicopter was modernized and delivered to the end user with Aselsan indigenous products, for only demonstration purposes. According to client requirements, Aselsan indigenously developed the following products to increase the helicopter’s mission ability; Multi-Function Displays, Keyboard Display Unit, Inertial Navigation System, Mission Computer, Digital Moving Map System, Internal Communication System, V / UHF and HF Radios have been integrated to the platform. After the modernization for the demonstration, it is expected that the upgrade activities of other Mi-series helicopters in the inventory of the country concerned will be initiated in a short span of time. 

“SARPER” Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) System is Ultimately Combat Proven with “Anka” UAV

Integration and qualification tests of SARPER, Turkey’s first Synthetic Aperture Radar system developed by Aselsan as a reconnaissance and surveillance payload for airborne platforms, were successfully completed in 2016 on ANKA Unmanned Air Vehicle. The serial production of SARPER, which is fully operational on ANKA, is going-on.  SARPER is capable of generating high resolution radar images and detecting moving objects day and night, even under adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog and smoke.

SARPER features include; Stripmap Mode for wide area imaging, Spotlight Mode for high resolution imaging, GMTI (Ground Moving Target Indicator) Mode for moving object detection, Sea Search Mode for detecting targets on sea surface and ISAR (Inverse SAR) Mode for imaging targets on sea surface.

At the same time, the development of a new generation lightweight SAR system, which is named m-SAR, can be integrated to Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicles as well as other airborne platforms has been started in order to fulfill the tactical reconnaissance and surveillance requirements of Turkish Armed Forces. m-SAR will feature advanced capabilities such as Dismount Moving Target Indication (DMTI) and Coherent Change Detection (CCD).

Aselsan’s Touchscreen Cockpit for the “Özgün” Indigenous Helicopter 

The “Özgün” Indigenous Helicopter Program is the first indigenous helicopter development program for Turkey. The program is the development of dual use Light Utility Helicopters for both military and civil programs where Aselsan was awarded to be the main Avionics Integrator to develop the main Avionics Systems. This indigenous and futuristic cockpit is composed of two 8’x20’ size and two 8’x10’ size displays in total of four smart displays, to reduce pilot workload, maximize flight safety and ease the integration for future expansions.

Aselsan will also develop a new civil certified Flight Management System (FMS) during this program which will meet the standards of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). The newly developed FMS will allow the civil and military variants of “Özgün” Helicopter to fly in all civil airspace around world with Performance Based Navigation up to RNP 0.3 (Required Navigation Performance 0.3) level.

“Özgün” Cockpit has been developed indigenously and is complaint to civil aviation standards and will be certified. This certified cockpit and Flight Management System, Primary Flight Displays and Digital Moving Map software will allow Aselsan to easily integrate this architecture to both rotorcrafts and fixed wing aircrafts. This similarity aims for the easy adaptation of pilots to new platforms through short-term training.

The civil variant of the “Özgün” Helicopter will be certified by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). The Military variant of the “Özgün” Helicopter will be certified by the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). 

Aselsan Unveils Wireless SARP System

Aselsan introduced a new version of the SARP system: Wireless SARP. Thanks to its new wireless communication capability, the operator can control the system while staying away from dangerous zones. 

Aselsan and its subsidiary IGG Aselsan Integrated Systems, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have jointly developed a new unit, called Interface Adapter Unit (IAU), which enables all Aselsan Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (RCWS) to be controlled wirelessly. IAU has been integrated with the SARP system and firing trials have been conducted with participation of a delegation composed of various users. System abilities such as secure, encrypted, jamming free communication, high performance in target tracking, hitting accuracy and easy-to-use user interface brings the system to the forefront among other competitors.  The SARP system can be integrated on different platforms including but not limited to armored vehicles, fixed platforms in critical facilities, main battle tanks and unmanned ground vehicles. The combat proven SARP system is actively in service of Turkish and several friendly countries’ end users. 

Aselsan Electromagnetic Launcher is Six Times Faster than the Speed of Sound 

Aselsan carried out an R&D Project on development of Electromagnetic Launcher (EML) successfully since 2014 with the objective of gaining electromagnetic launch system technology. In the light of these studies, the first results of a developed prototype of the Electromagnetic Gun System (known as Railgun) has been received. Aselsan proved its experience and claim in this area with first live firing tests that were conducted successfully between 26th and 29th of December 2016. 

Thanks to its higher muzzle energy and 2000-2500 m/s projectile speed, thus effective range greater than 300 km, the Electromagnetic Gun System is also evaluated to be an air defense system that is highly effective against modern air threats. The Electromagnetic Gun System which brings significant technological advantages to battlefield, also ensures Multi-Mission Capability by means of developments in smart ammunition technologies.

General Specifications of Electromagnetic Launcher: 

Long - range weapon technology with high-power electromagnetic energy

Low cost mission effectiveness against current threats

Lower unit cost

Lower handling cost 

Multi-Mission Capability

Naval Surface Fire Support

Surface Warfare

Air Defense

Aircraft or Satellite Launcher

High Platform Reliability (no chemical explosives)                

Long-Range Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) 

The “Serhat” Counter Mortar Radar, the winner of 2013 TESID Innovative Product Grand Prize, the first indigenous weapon locating radar system with patented advanced radar techniques can detect and accurately calculate point of impact and origin of enemy mortars fired behind hills or mountains in all extreme environmental conditions. Development, qualification and manufacturing of many “Serhat” radars was completed and delivered to Turkish Land Forces which are deployed mostly along the south-east border.  Because of the increase in terrorist attacks with weapons which have effective ranges higher than mortar rounds in the last couple of years, it became a necessity to develop and produce new Weapon Locating Radar Systems to cope with these threats.  Aselsan WLR detects enemy mortars, artilleries, and rocket launchers from long distances; accurately calculates point of impact and origin using state of the art technology. AESA (Active Electronic Scanning Antenna) and DBF (Digital Beam Forming) architecture of ASELSAN WLR supports electronic scan and terrain following features. WLR can generate early warning messages for friendly troops located in the vicinity of the calculated impact point by detecting long range enemy artilleries and rocket launchers in advance; hence reducing the number of casualties. 

Aselsan Reveals Lightweight Torpedo 

Anti-Submarine (ASW) torpedoes, also known as Light Weight Torpedoes (LWT), have similarities with TORK Anti-Torpedo Torpedo. Aselsan directed existing infrastructure capabilities and knowledge gained during anti-torpedo torpedo (TORK) to develop anti-submarine warfare (ASW) torpedo used in surface ships.

Aselsan LWT will have the capability to be launched from surface ships and be released from ASW helicopters or Marine Petrol Aircrafts (MPA’s). The indigenous propulsion sub-system developed during the TORK project, that has stable cruising capability at all speeds, provide superiority to LWT. LWT is expected to have strong counter-countermeasure capabilities against torpedo countermeasures, due to Aselsan’s expertise in this field. 

LWT will have the capability of acoustic communication link with HIZIR–LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar) system to be updated with target parameters during cruising, searching and approaching phases. 

Anti-Tank Missile Launching System  

The development of an Anti-Tank Missile Launching System solution, addressing the market request at home and overseas for defense against armored main battle tanks, was initiated in 2014 within the scope of an internally financed project. The system, which was developed as a result of over 20 years of deep expertise in design and development of gun/rocket/missile launching systems, provides high effectivity against ground targets in day/night and adverse weather conditions. 

The Aselsan Anti-Tank Missile Launching System is a fully automated, remotely controlled and stabilized Weapon Platform carrying 4 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (Hellfire, Javelin, Kornet-E, Omtas etc.). The Weapon Platform can be customized in order to carry the number of missiles required by the client. Alongside the 4 Anti-Tank Guided missiles, the System can be configured to carry a 25mm automatic cannon, 12.7 or 7.62 mm machine gun for self-protection.

The System is light weight, low volume and suitable for integration with a variety of existing or new armored high mobility fighting vehicles, considerably upgrading their lethality. It allows the system to be operated from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision to protect the gunner and/or commander from being exposed. 

In the development phase of the System, the subunits that were qualified and under production for other weapon systems have been tailored in order to ensure minimum logistics and life cycle cost. The System will be integrated onto the vehicle produced by Otokar and also exhibited in IDEF 2017 in Otokar stand.  

“ASYA”- Aselsan Tactical Mobile Supporter

Aselsan has introduced the new addition to its wearable technologies product line. ASYA is a new product designed to fulfill all operational requirements integrated with the CENKER system.

Designed according to requirements of Special Forces, Infantry and Gendarmes, Aselsan’s indigenous product ASYA (Turkish Abbreviation for Tactical Mobile Support) assists its user during tasks like marching, running, climbing and leaping, thus enabling increased performance and stamina in the long run.  With high movement capability and increased user adaptability, ASYA performs rapid motions with minimal resistance while intervening at critical moments to enhance user performance. ASYA was developed with national capabilities and abilities, with support from Turkish universities, ASYA with its lightness and high strength, is ready to serve in all extreme conditions. ASYA, along with the sister project CENKER, takes the Turkish security forces a step ahead.