ASELSAN YENER Modern Mine Detection System

Date: Issue 131 - June 2024

The YENER Modern Mine Detection System, developed by ASELSAN, was publicly used for the first time in an actual exercise by the Turkish Armed Forces during the EFES 2024 Exercise. Within the exercise scenario, mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) detected by YENER were neutralized using ASELSAN's ÇAKI Interrogation Arm System, mounted on the KİRPİ-II Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) vehicle.

The first announcement that the ASELSAN YENER Modern Mine Detection System had entered the Turkish Land Forces Command inventory was made during the weekly press briefing held by the Ministry of National Defense on November 23, 2023. During the meeting, it was disclosed that 2x AW119Kx Basic Training Helicopters (the 9th and 10th helicopters of the initial order package of 15), 4x Mobile Counter Mortar Radars, 8x Armored Anti-Tank Vehicles, and 17x Armored Combat Vehicles with 25mm NEFER Turrets, along with 1x ASELSAN Modern Mine Detection System, were delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command.