ASPILSAN: A leader in Aircraft Battery Manufacturing

ASPILSAN is the sole battery pack and Ni-Cd aircraft battery manufacturer in Turkey. We have a change to make an interview with Mr. Hasan Degirmencioglu, General Manager of Aspilsan on Aspilsan’s activities, short and long term strategies.

Date: Issue 19 - December 2009

1-Defence Turkey: First of all could you inform us about ASPILSAN’s general structure, vision and development since it was established?

ASPILSAN A.S. was established in 1981 with donations of Kayseri people and the present main share holder is Turkish Armed Forces Foundation with a participation rate of 98 %. Activities are being continued on an open area of 16.000 m² and closed area of 3.500 m² in Organized Industrial Region of Kayseri. The present capital of the ASPILSAN A.S. is 4.000.000, - TL and total of 50-75 well qualified person is employed. The main purpose of ASPILSAN A.S. to produce all kinds of portable energy sources for the need of Turkish Armed Forces. ASPILSAN A.S. has also been meeting the demands of civilian establishments during last 25 years.
ASPILSAN has started the production on 1984 with the battery and battery block. And then Aircraft battery production line was founded in 1990. Finally in 2006, lithium ion battery production line was completed.

2-Defence Turkey: What are the capabilities, products and technological superiorities of ASPILSAN which has moved ahead and broken new grounds with the technology it developed in Turkish Defense Industry in both national and international platforms since the day it was established?

ASPILSAN A.S. is the sole manufacturer of Ni-Cd / Ni-MH/ Li-Ion battery, battery packs and aircraft batteries in Turkey. Various portable energy sources are supplied to Turkish Army, Navy, Air Force and Security Forces as well as OEM Market.
The product range has been increased every year and in this way the dependence of importation for portable batteries has been reduced greatly.
Major categories of ASP?LSAN products are:
Nickel Cadmium and Nickel-Metal hydride portable battery pack,
Nickel Cadmium aircraft cells and complete batteries,
Li-Ion portable battery packs.
Manufacture of all kind of battery pack in different configuration for industrial purpose,
Laboratory test and Control system,
The production line of ASPILSAN A.S. was modernized completely and equipped with technological devices to produce of the specific customer requirements.

3-Defence Turkey: Could you inform us completed and on going projects carried out by ASPILSAN?

ASPILSAN A.S. has involved with the projects of National Defence and it took some roles in significant projects such as F-16, CASA CN-235, Marconi HFSSB, Cougar AS-532, etc. and has delivered the necessary portable energy sources. Our studies and researches have now been concentrated for attack helicopter batteries, T-38 and KT-1 training aircraft batteries and some special power sources.

4-Defence Turkey: Could you inform us about your international activities and export studies? With which capability and product of yours do you think you have more competitive power in international platform? What are the goals of ASPILSAN to increase its export? Is there any plan for the joint production with new investment thoughts and technology transfer?
ASPILSAN would like to become the best on national and international markets. We know that is available a great competition chance and market share in the neighboring countries, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia countries. Our work and contacting are still continuing to increase our export volume in these countries.
Our products meet the quality demand of all international civil and military standards. If the customer demands high quality products we can easily keep a competition chance with our capabilities and products in the international market.
Our main goal is to achieve the sales volume of 20 million dollars and export 30% of these sales until 2013.
The products of ASPILSAN has been exported to U.S.A., Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, Singapore, Tunis, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria up to days.
There is no any plan for the joint production with new investment thoughts and technology transfer at this moment. It might be in the future.

5-Defence Turkey: What are your activities and studies in the subject of Research and Develop? Could you inform us about your infrastructure, quality standards, objectives and plans you established for these activities?

Since from the very beginning, ASPILSAN A.S. has always adopted the idea of production of perfect goods and modern technology principles with its Industrial Quality Assurance Level Certificate AQAP-2120.

ASPILSAN has given great attention for the R&D works since 2004. The studies of R&D carry on as directed various project at ASPILSAN and Technology Center of Erciyes University. Currently our R&D department has focused on photovoltaic energy, thermal batteries and lithium polymer batteries. We hope that our studies will soon turn into a new feasible investment.

6-Defence Turkey: As a finishing statement what would be your closing remarks?

As I stated, ASPILSAN is the first and only establishment of our country with the knowledge, technological infrastructure and qualified manpower in own area. In addition, international competition, technological conditions are followed closely and all potential threats are assessed and the investments are implemented rapidly according to this.
ASP?LSAN today produces all kind of batteries and battery blocks, as well as provides added value to our country. If ASPILSAN is supported in the sense of protection and competition in the future, it will be the most important production center in the region and will be the most important brand in the field of portable power sources.