Austal - Meeting Global Needs of Asymmetric Maritime Threats

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Michael McCourt, Vice President, Middle East of Austal shares insight into future market strategy, the naval market is a logical extension of Austal’s engagement in Turkey. At the forefront of high speed aluminum shipbuilding for nearly three decades, Austal offers a range of platforms that can use speed as either an offensive or defensive capability

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Michael McCourt, first of all thanks for this interview. Could you please share with us a bit about Austal’s international policies and offering models in different markets? 

Thank you for the opportunity to share Austal’s vision and products with your readers. Austal is the world’s largest aluminum shipbuilder and Australia’s largest defense exporter; in the past 28 years, we’ve delivered over 255 vessels to 100 operators in 44 countries. Our customers include navies, coastguards and other government authorities, ferry operators and offshore service providers.