Barbaros Turkish Maritime Task Group Started its 2014 Operation

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Barbaros Turkish Maritime Task Group (TMTG)-2014is due to be operated between 17 March-27 June 2014 in Africa, South Africa and at the Indian Ocean for supporting Turkish Foreign Policy by demonstrating maritime presence across world seas, contributing to enhancement of ongoing multilateral relations as well as establishing new ones with African countries. 

Within the scope of the task given, the sail away will start from the African continent, 27 African countries and ports shall be visited for training purposes. TMTG will also participate together with the West African countries in the Obangame Express Maritime Security Exercise which was planned by USA African Command. This international task is planned to last for 3,5 months and during the operation TMTGwill execute guided missile and cannonball firings at the Overberg Test Range Area at South Africa and provide support to efforts for establishing the maritime safety and struggle against piracy in the Indian Ocean.