Battery Command Control Center Delivery to the Land Forces Command

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

December 2, 2021 - Acceptance test activities were conducted for the first Battery Command Control Center developed and manufactured for the Land Forces Command within the scope of the 35mm Air Defense System Modernization and Particulate Ammunition Supply Project signed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and Aselsan in 2017. The tests of the systems were completed, and they were delivered to the user troops.

The Battery Command Control Center has a critical place in the layered air defense architecture, and it is an air defense command control component that can exclusively deploy and manage a minimum of three Fire Control Equipment, conduct dual data communication with Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control System (HERİKKS) command control components and perform data and voice communication with medium-range radars. When it is not connected with a higher command control component, the Battery Command Control Center can deploy and manage the air defense operation of the linked weapon systems autonomously. The system will contribute to the air defense command control capacity of the Land Forces Command as it forms a layer between the Fire Control Equipment sets and Air Defense Early Warning and Command Control Systems with its autonomous performance capability.