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BCB International, based in Cardiff, is a leading British designer and manufacturer of military equipment. They have develope

Issue 23 - November 2010

Mistral Cooling Vest

The Mistral is the latest solution to heat fatigue amongst front-line troops. Current body armour restricts sweat evaporation, impeding the body’s normal cooling system. By using the most effective fan assisted body cooling vest available, heat stress and dehydration is reduced. Available in two versions, the Mistral is a low profile, lightweight, blown-air cooling vest that compliments the body’s natural cooling system by assisting the evaporation of sweat. This ensures the wearer feels cool, improving morale, combat performance and concentration.

Chilly Water Cooler

After extensive research on how to ensure that Military Forces are kept hydrated during hot weather, BCB International introduces the Chilly Water Cooler. The Chilly is a portable water cooler that ensures water supplied to troops is cool and palatable. It therefore encourages hydration, quenches thirst and lowers the core temperature of the body.

The Chilly has been tried and tested by UK troops and journalists serving in and reporting on the front lines in Afghanistan, and on trials in Jordan. This ingenious product works by evaporation alone, and has the capacity to reduce the temperature of drinking water by up to 25 degrees Celsius. Water passes through a series of cooling fins that use microscopic holes to allow 3% of the water to seep onto the wicking cloth. The Chilly Cooler guarantees to deliver refreshing and cool drinking water all day.

Personal Improvised Explosive Devices and Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK)

The PMEK is designed for use by individuals to carry when travelling in an area where mines or Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) may be. Designed to be carried at all times, the kit is compact, lightweight and comprises of seven components that are required to complete basic minefield marking. The tools included are a non-magnetic scraper, non-magnetic mine prodder, 30 marker pegs, 30 chemical light sticks, a reminder card on the mine-field marking, a trip wire feeler and Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) belt pouch.

Wall Breaking System (WBS)

For years, BCB has had a long-standing relationship with the Special Forces. Having been a long term supplier of medical and survival equipment, its experience has allowed the development of original equipment for use by Police and Special Forces to enter a building quickly without causing collateral damage inside the premises. BCB’s Wall Breaching System is their contribution to providing non-explosive Methods of Entry. It aims to safely minimise collateral damage and physical injury to trapped or captive personnel.

Operated solely by compressed air, the WBS fires a 25 litre full plastic water drum to smash a large access hole in a wall. The drum bursts on impact, spreading the kinetic energy over a wide area. It increases operational capability by allowing forced entry through upper storeys and other points of entry such as doors, ceilings and walls. The WBS has been designed for the Police, Military/Special Forces and the Fire department.

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