BEAM; Software Testing and Verification Solutions for Defence and Finance Sectors

Date: Issue 48 - January 2014

BEAM Technology established under Techno-Entrepreneur Program of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2011. As well as providing qualified services for increasing the quality and security of software applications, BEAM is also developing its own automated software testing and verification solutions for defence and finance. 

Currently BEAM Technology is well known with its secure development services including implementation of a Secure Development Life Cycle, conducting dynamic and static security analysis to software applications, transferring know-how on test automation and most of its clients awarded with a reputable international security certification for products called “Common Criteria”. However even reaching to more than %100 growth rate since 2011, BEAM also dedicated to R&D in its ODTÜ Teknokent Premises and now launch three products for increasing the quality and security of software applications and services. R&D efforts of BEAM is awarded by TÜBİTAK two years in a row by promoting the company to the top 10 technology start-ups which will be supported by Turkish Government in the journey of US Market entry.