Big Financial Partnership for the Defence Industry

Eximbank and Undersecretariat for Defence Industry agreed on strong financial partnership

Date: Issue 43 - May 2013


Defence Industry Export Support Credit Protocol was signed between Defence Industry Undersecretary Murat Bayar and Türk Eximbank General Director Hayrettin Kaplan on 11 March. With this protocol, when foreign countries offices apply for credit, Undersecretariat Defence Industry and Turk Eximbank will evaluate and assign the principals. In this meeting, Head of Departments of International Cooperation of Undersecretariat for Defence Industry Lütfi Varoğlu, Eximbank Country Credits Deputy Director General Alaaddin Metin, General Director of Eximbank Hayrettin Kaplan and Defence Industry Undersecretary Murat Bayar gave a speech and analyzed the importance of protocol. Varoğlu firstly mentioned to a meeting that was done last year for contributing export target and he said,  “We came together for contribute 500 billion USD target in 2023 of our government. In this meeting, 25 billion USDs target was set with sub-sectors and bottom elements  like civil aviation, airline, space, defence and security in 2023. To reach this aim, we should upgrade”