BILGI Geographic Information Conversion & Management System Co.

Date: Issue 6 - June 2007

BILGI Geographic Information Conversion & Management System Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Turkey who provides high-quality software and services based on a strong technical foundation for GIS / IT market. BILGI has many references as parts of Turkish Armed Forces, The Defence Industry Institutions which provides Engineering, Consultancy and Production for Turkish Armed Forces and many Municipalities/Local Governments and private authorities with carrying on Geographic Information System and Command and Control Information Systems Projects, conversion and production of digitized maps in many different areas, production of Orthophoto Maps, analysis on Satellite Images and especially key solutions in GIS Application developments effort.

BILGI is the first and only Turkish company who has produced Java Geographic Information Systems-GIS Software; GeoKIT® and Formatted Message Management Systems Software-MESSMAN® which has been developed especially for the Defence/Military sector.