Bilkent University and Meteksan Savunma Combining Forces for Aerospace Projects

A Sustainability Model forming a pattern for University-Industry Cooperation in the Design and Production of Satellite Sub-Systems is being Founded

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

Bilkent University Space Technologies Research Center (BilUzay) is an R&D center focusing on communications and satellite power technologies with the qualification certificates pertaining to the manufacturing of products related with space technologies. BilUzay recently accomplished the design of an EHF Transponder - which the center assumed as a task within the scope of UYAK Project and successfully delivered the engineering model. 

Bilkent University and Meteksan Savunma have been operating the most efficient and fruitful model of the university-industry cooperation that is envisioned and supported by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. BilUzay and Meteksan Savunma built a similar yet an advanced level of cooperation as an extension of the ongoing Nanotam, Unam and UFO Laboratory cooperation.