BMC Power Opens Its Facilities at the 1st Main Maintenance Factory Directorate to Defense Media!

Established in March 2017 to reduce Türkiye`s dependency on foreign suppliers by designing and manufacturing domestic and national heavy military powerpacks for land and naval platforms, BMC Power held a Press & Media Meeting event at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Arifiye, Sakarya, on February 1, 2023, before the shipment ceremony of the 400 HP, 8.4 liter, inline 4-cylinder TTZA (Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle) Engine designed by Turkish engineers.

Date: Issue 121 - April 2023

During the BMC POWER Press & Media Meeting event, BMC Board Member and CEO Murat YALÇINTAŞ and BMC POWER General Manager Mustafa KAVAL met with the sector press at the Radisson Blue Hotel and provided information and answered questions about ongoing projects. Then, we were taken to the 1st Main Maintenance Factory Management (ABFM) at the General Ali Fuat CEBESOY Barracks, located right next to the Radisson Blue Hotel, with a bus allocated to us. We visited Türkiye's largest and one of the few modern Powerpack Test Centers in Europe, which has a Prototype/Serial Production Workshop among the investments made by BMC Power and an infrastructure capable of testing 4 engines and 4 transmissions and powerpacks at the same time. We were informed about the ongoing test activities under the 400hp TUNA TTZA and 600hp AZRA Diesel Engine, 1,000hp UTKU, and 1,500hp BATU Powerpack Programs and capabilities of the center. During the BMC Power Facility Tour, General Manager Mustafa KAVAL, Deputy General Manager Ertuğrul AKKAYA, Production Director İhsan ERSOY, and PT Integration & Testing Director Serdar AKÇA accompanied us. 

The BMC Power Press & Media Meeting ended in a friendly meeting atmosphere after lunch at the Radisson Blue Hotel. After listening to the press members' impressions and recommendations about the event, BMC CEO YALÇINTAŞ and BMC Power General Manager KAVAL provided answers to a questions.