BOZDAĞAN & GÖKDOĞAN Missiles Enter Serial Production

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

The contract for the GÖKTUĞ F-16 PO-III Integration and Low Scale Initial Production Project, initiated by the Defense Industry Agency (SSB) to fulfill the requirements of the Air Force Command and to be executed under the prime contractorship of TÜBİTAK SAGE, was signed on the third day of the fair.

As part of the GÖKTUĞ Development Project, the GÖKDOĞAN and BOZDOĞAN missiles, initially developed for integration into the F-16 aircraft's PO-I configuration, will be integrated into the PO-III configuration. The project aims to initiate the initial low-scale production of GÖKTUĞ missiles to fulfill the Air Force Command's air-to-air missile requirements.