BRENSAN’s Technologies to Support the Soldiers of the Future

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

BRENSAN develops innovative, highly efficient and customized power electronics and battery solutions for a wide variety of users, ranging from single soldier to the level of mobile platforms. The products developed by the company extend from the light weight and high energy-density batteries and charging devices that energize the portable devices, to the battery and power electronics infrastructures for new generation manned and unmanned land vehicles. During this period in which technological transformation occurs at all levels of armed forces, nearly all personnel and platforms interact with other elements while they are fulfilling various functions. Therefore, each personnel and platform are regarded as a “the system of systems.” The common ground of the technologies that enable such transformation and development is the high efficiency electric energy that is available under all conditions. When the variety and necessity of the subsystems are considered, the significance of the reliable and lightweight power components simultaneously covering the needs of such systems increases more. BRENSAN’s solutions step in exactly at this point. The Li-Ion batteries d e v e l o p e d a n d manufactured by BRENSAN stand out with their high energy density and compatibility under challenging operational conditions. Thanks to the data communication interfaces incorporated, they have the capacity to communicate with the devices they are utilized with, such as the power managers or battery chargers. On account of their technological infrastructure, BRENSAN products enable the users to benefit from various capabilities at maximum level at today’s complex military field.

The batteries that energize many applications such as the electro-optical sensors, communication equipment, electronic warfare systems and unmanned systems, are being designed in accordance with the power and energy priorities and their operating conditions in addition to the mechanical and electrical interfaces of the systems they are used with. These batteries are then tested in line with the relevant military and industrial standards.

New Generation Battery Charger

BRENSAN’s perception of battery chargers reflects the “universal” charging approach, which is capable of charging any portable batteries and in this way eliminating the burden of containing different chargers for every type of battery. Thanks to the new generation GaN technology utilized in the electronic design, company’s indigenously developed “Light Universal Charger/LUC” offers the users with unique lightness, efficiency and functionality. The size of the device enables the personnel to carry it with ease. The sales of the Light Universal Chargers in international markets has started this year. Weighing merely 600 gram, the device can be energized from any source available at the field like military vehicles, solar panels and even by other batteries, and is capable of charging two batteries simultaneously with simple cabled adapters. On account of its ports that support NATO STANAG 4695, LUC can operate directly with the devices and batteries compatible with this standard and at the same time can be used for charging commercial electronic devices with its 2 USB ports. The device can show the charge parameters and health status of the batteries via its display, and through the computer interface it can present all details of the batteries via a PC based software designed by BRENSAN. Moreover, new functions can be added through software updates when required. In addition to the charger solutions, the company carries on the light and high efficiency soldier-borne integrated power and data distribution system development project where the universal and industry standards interfaces are used again for the “future soldier” projects held in the country and abroad. The field tests of the new generation system for engaging and energizing all the electronic equipment that can be carried by the personnel and that has various energy requirements and data interfaces, is planned to be launched soon. With the power electronics and battery solutions that incorporate innovative state-of-the-art technology developed and produced domestically, BRENSAN aims to offer products that can be a force multiplier for our armed forces and support its rapidly developing capabilities. Besides, with the competitive solutions which are superior than their equivalents in the international markets, the company creates a remarkable potential in exports