Building on Long-Standing Collaboration Leonardo Takes on New Opportunities in Turkey

In this exclusive interview, Camillo PIROZZI- Head of Leonardo Representative Office in Ankara discusses how Leonardo continues to unlock mutual benefit through collaboration with Turkey, both in-country and on the international market, all based on a strong foundation of trust with a commercial presence, an industrial presence and strong technological partnerships with Turkish companies

Date: Issue 89 - January 2019

Defence Turkey: Can we please start with an update from you on Leonardo’s Turkey Branch? Why was it established and what has been accomplished thus far? Could you elaborate on the structure, responsibilities and number of personnel working at the Leonardo Turkey Branch?

Camillo PIROZZI: In Turkey, Leonardo operates from an office in Ankara and, since the 1980s, has had a fully-owned in-country subsidiary (Selex ES Elektronik Turkey) which produces communications equipment for Turkey’s Army and Navy. While the Company’s office in Ankara opened fairly recently in November 2010, Leonardo’s history in Turkey dates back decades further, taking into account the work done by various companies that belonged to what was then known as the Finmeccanica Group.