Building the Future Today – GES Engineering Turkey’s Engineering Partner

An exclusive interview with Arzu Baytar- the Chairman of Board GES Engineering

Issue 82 - June 2018

Defence Turkey: Ms. Baytar, first of all we would like to thank you for your time.  GES Engineering has been providing services to the aviation and defense industry since 2013 and it is obvious that GES Engineering is gaining momentum and growing rapidly due to its capabilities and technology. Could you please inform us on your facilities and personnel structure, engineering and design capabilities?

As you have also stated in your question; GES is gaining momentum and during this period it is really important to have a strong personnel structure. We have 67personnel currently and 22 of them are engineers. In line with the market needs we have 3 different divisions. A division established for Land Platforms, a division for Air Platforms and R&D division. Our Design & Development Capability is under our 3rd division.