Bursa is Strengthening its Supplier Position in the Defense Industry

Issue 81

Bursa companies that have been participating in the projects of large-scaled domestic and international institutions in the defense and aerospace industry are in a position to meet 75% of Turkey’s defense industry needs through their infrastructure in the manufacturing industry. Noting that Ankara is the center of the defense industry as per the decisions made by the government, the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Aerospace & Defense Council and Clustering President Mr.Mustafa Hatipoğlu said that Bursa will become a strong supplier in the sector. Underlining that Ankara should not regard Bursa as performing only in the automotive sector, Mr.Hatipoğlu emphasized that as the city, they prefer to advance also in the defense and aviation/aerospace industry.

Pointing out that the leading producers in the sector are impressed by the infrastructure in Bursa, Mr. Mustafa Hatipoğlu, “We want to increase the effectiveness of the city in different sectors. The export figures in the field of defense and aviation/aerospace are still below our expectations, but the activities and efforts made by the companies in this field are promising for the defense industry exports of the city. While the exports of Bursa companies in the sector reached $1 million in 2015 and reached $7.2 million  in 2016, an increase of 615 percent, there was only an increase of 6 percent in 2017 and exports amounted to $7.6 million. Accordingly, we have targeted markets such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Middle East and Malaysia”.

“20 projects were introduced at the workshops held in 2017” 

Mr. Mustafa Hatipoğlu pointed out that many Bursa companies are involved in projects with domestic and foreign organizations such as SSM, TAI, TEI, Roketsan, Havelsan, Aselsan, THY Teknik, Airbus and Boeing.  He noted that in order to increase defense industry production in the city, they organized the Light Armored Vehicles Workshop and the Uludağ Indigenous Product Projects Workshop.

Mr. Hatipoğlu: “In particular, at the Uludağ Indigenous Product Projects Workshop, nearly 20 projects were introduced, from the trainer aircraft project to unmanned land vehicle projects, the general aviation and Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle engine development project, the unmanned air cargo aircraft, the 3D printer efforts for the defense industry to future military garments. Some of the projects became candidates to receive R&D support from the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), the SSTEK partnership support and some co-operations were achieved.” 

“Meetings realized with major industrial companies will increase efficiency”

Stating that TAI which has been carrying out projects such as “Hürkuş” new generation trainer aircraft, T120 “Atak” helicopter, national combat aircraft and ANKA came together with cluster member companies in Bursa in January, he continued, “Then the ‘Havelsan Days’ event was organized. At the end of 2017, the ‘Roketsan Days’ event and the ‘Supplier Days’ event of the Land Forces Command Electro Optic Systems Maintenance Center Directorate were organized and the procurement officials of Aselsan came together with Bursa companies.” 

Conveying that this year participation in 3 international fairs together with B2B negotiations will be realized, Mr.Mustafa Hatipoğlu said, “Today the Bursa Space Aviation/Aerospace Defense Cluster, founded by the Bursa companies under the roof of BTSO, has reached 78 members. Cluster members of 27 companies became entitled to obtain support from the Ministry of Economy in 2014 within the scope of the Communique regarding Support for the Development of International Competition (URGE)”.

Noting that the cluster received the status of an association in 2015 and was named the Bursa Space Aviation/Aerospace Defense Cluster Association, Mr. Hatipoğlu said, “Bursa companies are now at a level that can meet 75% of Turkey’s defense industry needs through their qualified manpower, production technology, and infrastructure in the fields of automotive main and sub-industry, machinery industry, textiles and technical textiles”. 

“The number of cluster companies receiving URGE support will Increase” 

Emphasizing that the strong infrastructure provides a significant advantage for the development of space, aviation and defense sectors in Bursa, Mr.Mustafa Hatipoğlu stated that the cluster activities are gathered under five main topics such as land, air, naval defense projects, civil aviation, space, sportive aviation and general aviation. Mr. Hatipoğlu emphasized that the number of companies supported within the scope of URGE within the cluster will increase this year and continued, “The achievements gained by the cluster and the emphasis made on national and domestic production as a state policy have increased demands for cluster studies”.