CamelBak Market Agreement Extends Avon Protection CBRN Range

Avon Protection has entered into a formal partnership with the world-leading

Date: Issue 30 - October 2011

Core to the new Avon Protection hydration system is the CamelBak chem/bio resistant three litre flexible reservoir. This has been specifically engineered to fit directly to any Avon Protection CBRN mask and will provide a new dimension in refreshment support and comfort for task forces and first responders operating in a CBRN environment.

CamelBak reservoir technology will offer Avon Protection’s security, law enforcement and first responder customer base one of the most advanced hydration systems available. Supported by CamelBak’s leading edge position in hydration system development for both the sporting and military markets, Avon Protection is complementing its own CBRN protective equipment catalogue with a trusted leader and globally recognized brand.

Designed to offer on-the move hydration in a chem/bio environment, the new Avon Protection/CamelBak (Model CBR50i) hydration system provides superior protective performance that can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it easier and safer to stay hydrated in a chem/bio threat environment.

The CBR50i reservoir holds approximately three times the capacity of a standard water canteen. In conjunction with any AVON Protection CBRN mask it is designed to be fully operational in lethal gas and liquid chemical environments after being thoroughly tested at independent US and international testing sites.

Avon Protection predicts a broad market appeal for this big capacity hydration system. Apart from law enforcement teams operating for lengthy periods in a battlefield scenario or hostile environment, it believes that first responders and emergency operatives in major contamination clean-up operations will also benefit. With a sufficient water supply to last many hours, this new Avon Protection/CamelBak hydration system will negate the need for teams to exit contaminated zones and undergo time-consuming decontamination procedures for hydration breaks.

According to John Penton, Avon Protection’s Market Development Manager, “Our market agreement with CamelBak is an exciting development for Avon Protection and our military and law enforcement customers. CamelBak’s hydration technology pedigree is globally acknowledged and so will significantly boost our leading position in providing trusted CBRN protection solutions.”