CANiK Unveils Its Latest Cutting-Edge Products at IDEF, the Prestigious Stage for Industry Leaders

CANiK, a renowned global brand representing the power of the Turkish defense industry across 70 countries, is showcasing its latest cutting-edge products at the prestigious International Defense Industry Fair IDEF`23 in Istanbul. Among the highlights are the CANiK M3, the fastest and latest addition to the national heavy machine gun family, and the TARGAN, a naval type remotely controlled stabilized weapon station, both making their debut at the exhibition. Additionally, the VENOM LR, the newest member of CANiK`s powerful lineup of medium caliber cannons, is also among the highly anticipated products of IDEF.

Date: Issue 124 - July 2023 Update: June 24, 2024

CANiK, a renowned global small arms manufacturer, made a significant move in December 2022 by acquiring the British company AEI Systems. This strategic acquisition has positioned CANiK as one of the world's leading companies in the production of medium caliber artillery. As part of its ambitious entry into 2023, CANiK is set to unveil one of its newest members, the VENOM LR, at the 16th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF'23) in Istanbul from July 25-28. CANiK's significant investment in the production of 30x113 mm cannons, which play a crucial role in naval, air, and land platforms, will provide important capabilities to not only the Turkish Armed Forces but also the armed forces of friendly and allied nations through the VENOM LR.

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