CARINTHIA Professional is a Reliable Partner in Theatre

Issue 56 - November 2014

CARINTHIA is a trademark of the Goldeck Textil GmbH, situated in the south of Austria. It is well known for cold weather garments and sleeping bags, which are made for extreme weather conditions and professional use only. CARINTHIA produces its products solely in Europe, since the quality standards are much higher here compared to far east. The brand CARINTHIA, or more so Goldeck Textil GmbH, has a history reaching back into the 1940s.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, in 1948, craftsmanship was the cornerstone of the business. Mr. August Mayer’s father founded a production facility for quilts in Spittal/Drau. The coveted quilts were initially sewn by hand and represented a hallmark of the new prosperity for the undemanding post-war consumers. In 1971 Mr. Augustin Mayer took over the family business and ten years later he purchased a 14.000 m2 plot in Seeboden/Millstättersee where presently part of the production, warehousing and administration are located.