Çelik Kanatlar Flight Demonstration Team: A Globally Acclaimed Brand Bridging the Gendarmerie Aviation Directorate`s 500,000-Hour Flight Experience with the S-70 Helicopter

Date: Issue 125 - August 2023

The formation of the Gendarmerie Çelik Kanatlar (Steel Wings)team coincided with the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary Ceremony in October 2018. As part of this event, a special ceremony was organized to honor the graduating Pilots and Technicians from the Gendarmerie Aviation School Command. An extraordinary moment unfolded during the graduation ceremony when a remarkable milestone was achieved: a captivating aerobatic display featuring a Sikorsky S-70 Black Hawk Helicopter.

The Gendarmerie Aviation Directorate, playing a pivotal role in internal security operations, counter-terrorism efforts across different regions, as well as search and rescue missions and public assistance activities, has started to exhibit its prowess and expertise in helicopter operations through the Gendarmerie Çelik Kanatlar Flight Demonstration Team. Consequently, following in the footsteps of SOLOTÜRK and TÜRK YILDIZLARI, the first and only helicopter flight demonstration team of Türkiye emerged, introducing a novel dimension to aerial acrobatics with the deployment of Black Hawk Helicopters.