Cenker Tested at Eğirdir Mountain Commando School

Issue 97

The CENKER Team and Single-Soldier Command Control System developed by the Aselsan Defence System Technologies Department within the scope of the Network Assisted Capability Project, was tested at the Eğirdir Mountain Commando School and Training Center Command. With the participation of military personnel, a command center was established, and an exercise was conducted in accordance with the predetermined scenario in open land and in a residential area. Prior to the exercise, command cycles were established with tactical radios developed by the Aselsan Communication and Information Technologies Department. The command-control, location, position, health, ammunition information production and sharing services as well as voice command, target detection and intelligence gathering features of the CENKER system were tested in the tactical field. The interoperability of CENKER, which has an open and upgradeable architecture, with the GEZGIN Electro-Optical Target Detection and Tracking System and SERCE Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System developed by Aselsan Microelectronics, the Guidance and Electro-Optics Department was examined by the Land Forces Command during such field tests. The targets detected with GEZGIN were processed on the tactical map, and the sharing of the detected target coordinate information with fire support elements was notable. 

Aselsan’s Future Soldier- CENKER

Aselsan utilizes the CENKER Team and Single-Soldier Command Control System, which was designed considering the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces to allow Turkish infantry to be able utilize the benefits of products with the latest technology. Since its revealed at IDEF’ 15, the CENKER system – which was also one of the main focuses of the event - attracted a significant amount of attention by proving itself to be the first defence system solution in Turkey in which wearable electronics technologies are used.

The CENKER system, which is indigenously designed and developed by Aselsan, constitutes interconnected system elements such as a military grade wearable computer, personal and team communication networks, smart power management system, health and situational awareness sensors, day-night vision systems, augmented reality applications and a high-tech vest. Having the flexibility to satisfy the needs of different operational needs, the CENKER system with its single-soldier, commander and reconnaissance-surveillance configurations is capable of operating under the rapidly changing conditions of the battlefield. 

Aselsan has already upgraded the CENKER system by utilizing both the modern technology experience in Wearable Technologies, Sensor Systems, Power Management Systems, Communication & Command Control Systems and the considerations about the battlefield conditions for Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces. Along with its advanced capabilities which satisfy the requirements of urban warfare, which is the common battlefield of our times, the CENKER system will provide the Turkish soldier with the required military technology.

With the support of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Minister of National Defence (MoND) the “International Future Soldier Conference” will take place March 23-24, 2020 with the coordination of SaSaD, Defence Turkey Magazine, ODTÜ Teknokent and the Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK) in Ankara. CENKER Team and Single-Soldier Command Control System are expecting to be demonstrated at a static display area. Aselsan will also make an presentations its future soldier programs and capabilities throughout the conference.